‘Put Homos to Death’: Unrepentant Hate-Preaching Homophobic Sheriff’s Deputy Doubles Down in New Sermon

A Tennessee Sheriff's Deputy who is also a fundamentalist Christian Baptist pastor was exposed as a hate-spewing homophobic Bible-pounding preacher this week. Grayson Fritts, aware of the public outrage, Wednesday evening held a service that appeared to be a response to news reports revealing he had called for all LGBT people to be arrested, tried, and executed for being LGBT, based on his Biblical beliefs.

Wednesday's sermon (video below) was far more fiery than the one from earlier this month that has drawn national attention. In trump's that June 2 sermon he told followers he is is "sick of sodomy getting crammed down our throats."

He spent a large portion of his hour-long sermon Wednesday attacking other Baptist preachers as "weak" and "spineless" for not being as anti-gay as he is, and mocked all those who talk about "the love of God."

"Just as much as God loves, God hates," Fritts declared.

WVLT News reports it sent a reporter, Robert Grant, to hear Fritts' sermon Wednesday.

"Grant listened as Fritts finished his commentary by saying, 'Put homos to death.'"

Fritts has served as a Knox County Sheriff's Deputy for two decades. He is now out on extended sick leave which reportedly will last until mid-July, when he will exit the department via a "voluntary workforce reduction buyout."

Knox County District Attorney General Charme Allen says she will be "reviewing all pending cases involving Mr. Fritts to scrutinize them for any potential bias."

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But all of Fritts' cases – past and present – must also be reviewed for any bias, both against people he may have perceived as LGBTQ, and against people he may have viewed as hold religious or moral beliefs that are different than his.

Here's Fritts' Wednesday evening sermon (caution: graphic.)


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