‘Not What Betsy Ross Intended’: White House Blasted for Photo of Trump ‘Putting His Filthy Hands’ on Flag in Honor of Flag Day

In yet another example of its extremist partisan agenda the Trump White House is under fire today for its attempt to co-opt Flag Day by making it all about President Donald Trump. The official Twitter account of the White House posted a photo of the President literally hugging the American flag, with the words "Flag Day, June 14" emblazoned next to Trump.

To make matters worse, the photo was taken when President Trump delivered an astonishingly partisan attack speech at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) earlier this year. CPAC is attended by extremist right wing groups. During Trump's speech this year he used an obscenity to attack Special Counsel Robert Mueller, whom he accused of trying to "take me out."

Here's how many responded to the grossly inappropriate image:

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