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Donald Trump Jr. Blasted for Mocking Biden’s Promise to Cure Cancer – Minutes Before His Father Promises to Cure Cancer



“Cancer isn’t a joke and wanting to cure cancer isn’t a punchline,” was one of many criticisms leveled against the president’s son.

Donald Trump Jr. was part of the opening act for President Donald Trump‘s re-election campaign launch Tuesday night. During the warm-up to the President’s official announcement, Don Jr. mocked former Vice President Joe Biden for saying if he is elected President he will cure cancer.

“I’ve worked so hard in my career that, I promise you, if I’m elected president, you’re going to see the single most important thing that changes America: We’re going to cure cancer,” Biden told supporters earlier this month.

As Vice President he was in charge of the Obama administration’s “Cancer Moonshot,” a focused effort to cure the disease. It was an initiative created after Biden lost his own son, Beau Biden, to brain cancer n 2015. Beau was 46 when he died, the eldest child of the former Vice President’s first marriage. Joe Biden’s first wife and one-year old daughter were killed in a car accident while Christmas shopping, weeks after he had first been elected to the U.S. Senate.

Tuesday night, Donald Trump Jr. took to the stage, mocking Joe Biden.

“I hear brilliant guys like Joe Biden,” the President’s son said of the current Democratic frontrunner. “‘Government has failed you.’ Usually, as he’s groping someone,” Trump Jr. said, according to Fox News.

(Joe Biden has never been credibly accused of actually groping anyone, but President Trump has bragged about doing it.)

“If government failed you, maybe you’re the problem, Joe Biden.”

“There’s something off with that guy,” Trump Jr. continued. “What was the good one last week? Remember? Joe Biden comes out, ‘Well, if you elect me president, I’m going to cure cancer.’ Wow, why the hell didn’t you do that over the last 50 years, Joe?”

Literally minutes later, Jr.’s father promised he will cure cancer.

On social media many were stunned and flabbergasted at the cruelty of the President’s son – and the president’s supporters, who were lapping up mocking a man over losing his son to cancer.

Senator Angus King (I-ME) weighed in:




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‘There’s Nothing I’m Giving Up’: Sean Spicer Works for Pro-Trump PAC and Will Not Curtail His Duties While on DWTS



Former Trump press secretary Sean Spicer will be a “star” on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars this season – much to the chagrin of many who expressed outrage this week – but what the announcement on “Good Morning America” didn’t mention is Spicer isn’t giving up his day job – not for a minute.

Spicer is the number three person at America First Action, a pro-Trump PAC headed by former Trump White House cabinet member Linda McMahon. He serves as the political action committee’s Senior Advisor and Spokesman.  The organization claims America was “held hostage” by an Obama administration that “sold, piece by piece…our hopes, dreams and values.”

Spicer also runs his own political consulting firm called RigWil.

He will continue to perform his function as the face of both companies, and as he told The Hollywood Reporter he’s not giving up anything.

“There’s nothing I’m stopping or giving up,” Spicer said, noting that ABC is “well aware of my job and what my companies do.”

THR notes Spicer “says he’s not restricted from political activity during his time on Dancing With the Stars.”

Spicer says, “I hope it will be a politics-free zone.”

The new season starts in mid-September, which puts Spicer in the unique position of being able to fundraise and advocate in support of re-electing Trump while his mere presence on TV – he is remembered as the face of the Trump administration – will effectively be a free “plug” for the Trump campaign.

In related and similar news, Fox News today hired former Trump press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders as a political contributor.


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Top Trump Evangelical Advisor: Make Kids Scared of Jesus, Reject Abortion and Evolution to End Mass Shootings



During an appearance on Fox News this Thursday alongside Ethan Bearman of Left Coast News, megachurch pastor and Trump evangelical advisor Robert Jeffress pushed back against skepticism over the “thoughts and prayers” response to mass shootings commonly echoed by religious conservatives, saying that the solution lies in teaching children that God will hold them accountable for their actions.

In the segment which he shared on the YouTube channel for his church, Jeffress argued against the claim that evangelicals aren’t willing to find real-world solutions to gun violence, but added that “if we depend upon legislation alone to solve the gun problem, we’re going to be sadly disappointed.”

Speaking to Fox News host Shannon Bream, Jeffress, who is the pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas, said “there is a spiritual component” to gun violence that should be addressed “not in place of legislation, but certainly alongside any proposed legislation.”

Bream then mentioned a recent op-ed by former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, who argued that mass shootings are “never going to end” unless America has a “reawakening of morality and values.”

Related: Huckabee Blames ‘Lack of Thought and Prayers’ for Domestic Terror Mass Shootings (Video)

Bearman responded that if that were the case, Western Europe, which is much more secular than the U.S., “would be suffering from far worse mass shootings that we are suffering.”

“It’s important that we remember that these weapons will kill dozens more people in the time that it took Cain to beat Abel to death with a stone,” Bearman said. “We need to remove those weapons from people’s hands so we’re not killing so rapidly.”

Jeffress fired back, saying he’s “not arguing that we shouldn’t do anything.”

“I think we all understand that the Second Amendment has limits to it, just like the First Amendment with free speech does,” he continued. “We don’t believe everybody has a right to have a nuclear weapon. We don’t believe that four-year-olds ought to have guns. I’m not arguing against legislation, but I’m saying that one thing we can do is to quit this devaluation of human life in our society that is seen by the glorification of violence in our culture, by the mass slaughter of a whole class of citizens — the unborn, by teaching our children that they’re nothing but an evolutionary accident instead of teaching our children that they are created by God, they are of value to God, and they are accountable to God for their actions.”

Watch the video below:


Christian Pastor Jeffress Says ‘God Has Given Trump Authority to Take Out Kim Jong Un’ Just After Promoting ‘Countdown to the Apocalypse’

President Trump Just Held a Prayer Meeting in the Oval Office With Some of the Most Anti-Gay Members of the Religious Right

Trump Picks Pastor Who Says Jews, Muslims Will Go To Hell – To Pray at New US Embassy in Jerusalem


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RNC Chairwoman Mocked for Attacking ‘Latest SDNY Fishing Expedition’ Into Trump – Which Does Not Exist



‘Never Seems to Know What She’s Talking About’

Ronna McDaniel, the chairwoman of the Republican Party (RNC) is getting mocked on social media for one of her seemingly relentless tweets supporting President Donald Trump. Daily, if not hourly, McDaniel acts as Trump’s press agent, both praising and defending him.

On Tuesday she posted a tweet exposing just how little she knows.

There is no “latest SDNY fishing expedition,” also known as an investigation. Aside from her contempt for the rule of law, McDaniel doesn’t understand there are federal prosecutors, appointed by President Trump – which is SDNY, the Southern District of New York – and state prosecutors, elected by the voters.

McDaniel clearly has mixed up the two.

Letitia James, the Attorney General of the State of New York, this week opened an investigation into the Trump Organization. She’s subpoenaed two banks that work with Donald Trump, and is focusing on four major Trump projects, and his failed attempt to buy the Buffalo Bills football team.

It’s not a “fishing expedition.” It’s a legitimate investigation.

McDaniel’s ignorance is confirmed by Preet Bharara, the former head of the SDNY, also known as the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York:

A former Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama:

Here’s a law professor:

Here’s what some others are saying in response to McDaniel’s tweet:





Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr and a CC license

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