My Pillow Founder Who Said ‘Chosen by God’ Trump Delivered a ‘Stronger Than Ever’ Economy Lays Off 150 Workers

Mike Lindell, who founded the My Pillow company after having a dream, he says, just laid off 150 workers. He is framing the terminations as "exciting changes," and defending the move by saying he's launching a new venture, CBS Minnesota reports.

Lindell is famous not only for founding his own company, but for what some have called his "cultish" love of President Donald Trump.

"God answered our prayers" with a "miracle," Lindell said of Trump's election, in February at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). "I see the greatest president in history. Of course he is, he was chosen by God."

Lindell shared with the conservative crowd his personal journey.

“I woke up from years of addiction, and I was oblivious as to what was going on in our country,” he said at CPAC. “What I saw before me were friends unemployed, terrible political correctness, people saying happy holidays instead of Merry Christmas, and people trying to take god out of everything, and not even acknowledging Jesus Christ.”

“Donald Trump invited me to the meet him at Trump Tower in New York City,” Lindell added. “I walked into his office with high hopes on August 15th, 2016. I walked out of that office after meeting with him and I knew God had chosen him for such a time as this.”

He also praised the president's economic actions less than a year ago, in a June 2018 op-ed.

"As a proud American business owner, I have seen firsthand the positive changes President Trump's policies are bringing to our state. Because of the president's historic tax cuts, I was able to give my employees an immediate across-the-board pay raise to help fuel their lives and advance their careers."

"We can all rest easy with Trump helping to bring our economy back stronger than ever," Lindell said at the time.


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