Jail for Jr.? Trump Son ‘Unlikely to Comply’ With Senate Subpoena – Top Democrat Says OK to Lock Him Up

Donald Trump Jr. may be headed for jail if he refuses to honor a Senate subpoena. The President's eldest son is "unlikely to comply" with a subpoena issued by the Republican-led Senate Intelligence Committee, according to Reuters.

The subpoena calls on Trump Jr. to testify on his contacts with Russia.

Should he refuse to appear and comply the Senate Intelligence Committee could vote to place him in contempt.

U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) says Trump Jr. is not exempt from the law and has no special privileges.

"If Donald Trump Jr. defies this subpoena he ought to be jailed," Sen. Blumenthal said Thursday. "He has no privilege, he has no right to say no. He may be the president's son but he's not above the law and he has no privilege whatsoever."

""He has no privilege, prison is the only answer," Blumenthal added.


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