‘We Are Democracy’: Thousands Rally in Hundreds of Cities to #ProtectMueller and Warn Trump #NobodyIsAboveTheLaw

Across the country thousands right now are protesting President Trump's firing of Jeff Sessions and his installation of Matthew Whitaker, an act prominent attorneys say is not only illegal, but unconstitutional.

MoveOn.org and Indivisible are among the groups protesting to demand Congress "Protect Mueller," to allow the Special Counsel's Russia probe be allowed to continue unimpeded in any manner. Whitaker has already said there was no collusion and has said Mueller has gone too far.

There are reportedly over 900 protests tonight.

Here are clips from Times Square:

"We are democracy," says this activist in Times Square:


Cincinnati :


Indivisible says, "No one is above the law. Especially not the President." Here are some of the protests in dozens (or hundreds) of cities Indivisible has organized. (Protests start at 5 PM local time, so most of these below are East Coast.)

Image: Screenshot via video by Mark Helenowski

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