‘Literally Illegal’: Trump Mocked for Claiming ‘Everyone’ Wants Ivanka to Be UN Ambassador

President Donald Trump is desperately trying to save face.

He is now falsely claiming "everyone" wants Ivanka Trump to replace Nikki Haley as America's Ambassador to the United Nations, days after the First Daughter announced she would not be taking the position.

"We have great people that want the job," the President claimed Friday morning, barely more than 12 hours after news broke that a former well-respected Trump administration official, Dina Powell, officially asked to not be considered for the role. Trump made it widely known he wanted Powell to replace Haley, whom he did not want to exit.

And Trump suggested he would not nominate his daughter, who already serves as Advisor to the President, to the UN post, because people would be upset about nepotism.

"I can already hear the chants of Nepotism!" Trump tweeted.

Many are mocking Trump's efforts to save face, noting nothing he said is true.

Image by NASA HQ Photo via Flickr and a CC license

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