‘I Wouldn’t Be Kissing Their Ass’: Ad Brilliantly Mocking Cruz’s Claim He’s ‘Tough as Texas’ Goes Viral

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), facing the fight of his political life, is now claiming he's "tough as Texas." Really. It's his closing weeks' slogan, appearing on everything from his $25 tee shirts to his $9.99 yard signs:

If you think his claim is amusing, you're not alone.

Texas film director Richard Linklater, who directed "Bad News Bears," has partnered with an anti-Cruz super PAC and created a winning ad, featuring Texas actor Sonny Carl Davis who appeared in his 2011 film, "Bernie."

The anti-Cruz ad is going viral, with over 160,000 views on YouTube in the past 24 hours – 30,000 of those in the last hour alone. It's been featured on cable news shows as well.

"I mean, come on, if somebody called my wife a 'dog,' and said my daddy was in on the Kennedy assassination, I wouldn't be kissing their ass," Davis says in the 30-second spot. "You stick a finger in their chest and give them a few choice words — or you drag their ass out by the woodshed and kick their ass, Ted."

"C'mon," Davis mocks, "Ted."

Cruz is running neck and neck against Democratic Rep. Beto O'Rourke, in a deep red state Trump won by 9 points.

Take a look:




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