Avenatti’s Next Target: Rudy Giuliani’s Finances

Taking to Twitter early Saturday morning, the attorney for adult film star Stormy Daniels called upon the media to take a look into the personal finances of Rudy Giuliani who is currently representing President Donald Trump.

Attorney Michael Avenatti had a few questions on Saturday morning, including about Columbus Nova — a firm which retained Trump’s embattled attorney Michael Cohen to help bring in GOP clients — but he was pressed on Twitter about Giuliani’s financial situation. That was when he called on the press to do a little digging around on the former mayor of New York City and his financial entanglements.

Responding to a tweet that read, “Curious if anyone’s been demanding the personal financial, business and family details of @RudyGiuliani as well?” Avenatti had a suggestion.

“Now this is an excellent question. Hopefully some members of the media will chime in this weekend and tell us what current steps are being taken to investigate and publish on the other 13+ lawyers in the cases – Giuliani, Ryan, Harder, Blakely, etc. Why just me? #Waiting,” he wrote.

As for Columbus Nova, Avenatti suggested more will come out of an investigation into the company and its relationship with Cohen.

You can see the tweets below:


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