Spygate? Pete Souza Just Trolled Donald Trump Again and It’s Perfect

President Barack Obama's official White House photographer Pete Souza (photo) has been trolling Donald Trump since the election. He's become so good at it he has a new book coming out: "Shade."

Souza's first book of photos of President Obama was exquisite – it was number one on the charts for weeks and remains number one in photojournalism and other categories.

In the midst of President Trump's 100% baseless claims that President Obama spied on the Trump team, and embedded a spy into the campaign, Souza posted this amusing image of Obama, looking through a peephole.

Learning how to spy in 2009 with help from Katie Johnson.

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He offers the perfect caption to troll Trump: "Learning how to spy in 2009 with help from Katie Johnson."

Johnson was the personal secretary to President Obama from 2009 to 2011.


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