Breaking: Trump Issues New, Dire Threat to Kim Jong Un (Video)


'This Man Will Not Get Away With What He’s Doing, Believe Me' Trump Says

President Donald Trump is not done playing hardball. On Friday afternoon he continued his threats of starting a nuclear war against against North Korea, and focusing his anger on Kim Jong-un directly.

"This man will not get away with what he’s doing, believe me, and if he utters one threat," Trump told reporters, "he'll truly regret it."

The president claimed there are "tens of millions of people in this country that are so happy with what I'm saying," and expressed pride in what he sees as being a "president that's sticking up for our nation."

He also warned Kim Jong-un to not do "anything with respect to Guam or any place else that's an American territory, or an American ally, he will truly regret it. And he will regret it fast."

Asked by a reporter about his "locked and loaded" comments directed at North Korea Friday morning, Trump replied, "I hope that they are going to fully understand the gravity of what I said. And what I said is what I mean."

Trump added that his words are "easy to understand."