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Open Letter To Ted Cruz Spokesman Rick Tyler Who Says His Boss Doesn’t Pander On Same-Sex Marriage



Ted Cruz panders to high-money donors on same-sex marriage, which is disgusting considering what he tells homeschooling moms about gay people.

Ted Cruz is a politician, plain and simple. That would be OK if Ted Cruz didn’t pretend he wasn’t, that he is just a Washington outsider who has a consistent message that’s based on the Bible (as frightening as that sounds.)

Today, Cruz is in hot water after Politico leaked audio of Cruz telling high-money Manhattan donors at a Madison Avenue white shoe law firm that fighting same-sex marriage isn’t even on his top three list of priorities.

Cruz today told an audience that it’s no big deal, what he said in the audio is what he’s said all along on TV:

And just now, Cruz for President campaign spokesperson Rick Tyler took to MSNBC to try to slither his boss out of a mess that Cruz is claiming doesn’t even exist.

Cruz says what he told the donors behind closed doors is exactly what he’s said publicly on TV. Tyler challenged viewers to Google Cruz’s comments, and I agree, they should. In fact, let me save you all the trouble.

Sure, Cruz has told the late night hosts that he’s all about the Constitution, and that marriage is a states’ rights issue (which it’s not, but that’s not the issue at hand.)

But what Tyler and his boss won’t tell MSNBC viewers, or anyone else today, is what Ted Cruz tells audiences who wholly support his theocratic beliefs.

Take, for example, what Cruz told a group of Christian homeschooling parents back in April, when the national debate was over so-called “religious liberty” bills designed to write anti-gay discrimination into law.

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“We look at the jihad that is being waged right now, in Indiana, and in Arkansas,” Cruz preached, “going after people of faith who respect the biblical teaching that marriage is the union of one man and one woman.”

In other words, gay people, Cruz said, are waging a jihad – which is an Arabic word for war against non-believers of Islam – against Christians.

I dare Ted Cruz to go on Seth Meyers’ show, or Stephen Colbert’s, or even on Fox News, and repeat those words. Even the majority of people who are opposed to same-sex marriage don’t see gay people who want to marry as – to use one of Cruz’s other favorite phrases – “radical Islamic terrorists.”

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I also dare Ted Cruz to go on national television and admit to the world that last month he accepted the invitation of a Christian pastor who has repeatedly called for gays to be executed, because, Jesus. Pastor Kevin Swanson has said, Bible in hand, that gays are worthy of death. Cruz knew this quite well even before he stood on stage with Pastor Swanson at the National Religious Liberties Conference. Swanson also said that AIDS is “God’s retribution.”

Will Ted Cruz also go on national television and admit his own father, whom he has said is his top advisor, claimed back in October that the next step on the agenda of LGBT activists is to legalize pedophilia?

And I dare Ted Cruz to go on national TV and repeat these words that he said on right wing radio, that “the modern Democratic Party” has “gotten so extreme and so radical in its devotion to mandatory gay marriage that they’ve decided there’s no room for the religious liberty protected under the First Amendment,” and calling same-sex marriage one of “the greatest threats we’ve ever seen…to religious liberty in America.”

I could go on and on, but I’ve made my point. Yes, Ted Cruz is a pandering religious fanatic. What he says on the late night talk shows or in polite company is one thing. He’s just a “constitutionalist,” who thinks social issues are for the states to decide.


Mr. Tyler, I dare you to get you boss to tell all of America what he says about gay people and same-sex marriage when he’s among friends, like the Christian homeschooling parents.

You’ve nothing to worry about. Your boss definitely hates gays more than probably any other GOP presidential candidate in this race. 



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Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr and a CC license

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Tennessee Governor Slammed After ‘Praying’ for Nashville School Community Without Mentioning Mass Shooting



Governor Bill Lee quickly drew tremendous outrage in the wake of a school mass shooting where six people including three young children were shot to death. Social media users criticized the Tennessee Republican, who had signed a permit-less gun carry law, for declaring he was “praying for the school, congregation & Nashville community,” without posting any mention of the mass shooting.

Tweeting he was “closely monitoring the tragic situation at Covenant,” Gov. Lee said, “As we continue to respond, please join us in praying for the school, congregation & Nashville community.”

There was no mention of any loss of life, and, as Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts passionately noted, the “situation” was a mass shooting.

“If thoughts and prayers alone worked to stop gun violence, there wouldn’t have been a shooting at a Christian elementary school. It’s your actions – including weakening the state’s gun laws – that’s killing kids in Tennessee,” Watts also tweeted. “SHAME ON YOU.”

Gov. Lee signed a permit-less carry bill into law in 2021, at a Beretta gun manufacturing plant.

According to the CDC, as of 2020 – one year before the permit-less carry bill was signed into law – Tennessee ranked tenth in the nation in per-capita firearm mortality.

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Meanwhile, others took notice of the gun culture Gov. Lee has fostered in “The Volunteer State.”

MSNBC analyst and Bulwark writer Tim Miller commented, “Tennessee governor Bill Lee issued a statement recently about how the drag ban in Tennessee ‘protects children.’ If only he would have instead focused on laws that might have prevented the mass murder of children in his state today.”

Historian Kevin Kruse pointed to an article from last year, after the Uvalde, Texas school shooting, titled: “Rep. Clemmons Seeks Renewed Gun Laws, Gov. Lee Requests Prayer.”

“You chose prayer over gun reforms last year after the Uvalde massacre,” Kruse wrote. “And now here we are.”

The progressive website Tennessee Holler pointed out that Gov. Lee, along with GOP lawmakers, “just appointed Jordan Mollenhour to the [state] board of education— whose company was sued for selling ammo to an underage mass killer (SANTA FE) and sold ammo to at least one more (AURORA) He has ZERO education experience.”

Let’s Give a Damn founder Nick Laparra tweeted, “We are 86 days into 2023. So far, 9859 people have died by gun violence and there have been 128 mass shootings. Meanwhile, @GovBillLee spends his days being outraged over drag queens and CRT and book bans. This is Bill Lee’s and the GOP’s fault.”

See the tweets and video above or at this link.

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Mystery Grand Jury Witness in Trump Hush Money Probe Is Former ‘Enquirer’ Publisher and Trump Ally



Avid followers of the Manhattan District Attorney’s moves noted the grand jury had been called into service for Monday, and soon news leaked that yet another witness would be testifying in the probe into Donald Trump’s alleged hush money payment to Stormy Daniels.

Monday afternoon, NBC News’ Garrett Haake reported live on MSNBC that the mystery witness was David Pecker, the former tabloid publisher of the “National Enquirer,” who reportedly had been looking for stories in 2016 to protect Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Haake notes Monday was Pecker’s second appearance before the grand jury in the hush money case.

The New York Times also reported David Pecker as the grand jury witness, calling Pecker “a key player in the hush-money matter. He and the tabloid’s top editor helped broker the deal between the porn star, Stormy Daniels, and Michael D. Cohen, Mr. Trump’s fixer at the time.”

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“While the focus of Mr. Pecker’s testimony is unclear, he could provide valuable information for prosecutors. A longtime ally of Mr. Trump, he agreed to keep an eye out for potentially damaging stories about Mr. Trump during the 2016 campaign,” The Times reports. “For a brief time in October 2016, Ms. Daniels appeared to have just that kind of story. Her agent and lawyer discussed the possibility of selling exclusive rights to her story of a sexual encounter with Mr. Trump to The National Enquirer, which would then promise to never publish it, a practice known as ‘catch and kill.'”

Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General Harry Litman weighed in, noting, “nothing about that decision [to have Pecker testify] suggests any change of heart on Bragg’s part to indict Trump.”

Former Dept. of Defense Special Counsel Ryan Goodman, an NYU professor of law, notes that Pecker’s “testimony can show the [hush money] scheme was designed to affect outcome of election.”

“He reportedly communicated directly with Trump on payment,” Goodman adds.

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‘Our Children Deserve Better’: First Lady Jill Biden Speaks Out After Six Die in Nashville School Mass Shooting



First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, speaking Monday afternoon at a National League of Cities conference, told attendees, “Our children deserve better,” as she broke the news of the Nashville school mass shooting at Covenant Presbyterian School where three children and three adults were shot dead.

“You know,” Dr. Biden, herself an educator and clearly pained by the news, began her remarks by saying, “I hate to say what I’m gonna say next because you know you’re so enthusiastic and with so much energy and hope and I feel it.”

“But while you’ve been in this room, I don’t know whether you’ve been on your phones but we just learned about another shooting in Tennessee, a school shooting and I am truly without words and our children deserve better, and we stand – all of us – we stand with Nashville in prayer.”

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The First Lady, a former public high school English teacher and currently a professor of English at a community college, was speaking at the organization’s Congressional City Conference.

Watch Dr. Biden below or at this link.

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