74% Of Donald Trump’s Statements Checked By Politifact Are False


The fact checkers at Politifact find three out of every four of Trump's claims they check are to some degree false. 

Fact checkers exist to determine if people are telling the truth. It stands to reason that they will check important statements that are controversial or seemingly false. No one's going to check if a presidential candidate says, "I love Iowa!," even if it is false, but they will check if a candidate says white people are mostly murdered by Black people, as a graphic in a tweet sent by Donald Trump Sunday claimed. And that got a "Pants on Fire" false rating from Politifact.

We decided to check how many other statements Trump has made were checked by Politifact.

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It turns out to be an impressive number: 70.

Of those 70, not a single one was rated "True." 

Only five, or 7%, were rated "Mostly True."

Another 13, or almost one out of every five, were rated "Half True."

Another nine, or 13%, were rated "Mostly False."

29, or more that four out of every ten, were rated "False." 

And 14, or one out of every five checked, were so egregiously false they earned a "Pants on Fire" false rating.

Overall, 74 percent, or nearly three out of every four statements of Trump's checked, were false to some degree.


To be fair, we thought, let's compare Trump to some of the other candidates.

Here's Hillary Clinton's Politifact file:

Politifact has checked 136 of Clinton's claims, almost exactly twice as many as Trump's. And what you see is a far different rating:


For Clinton, the majority, 51 percent, were rated "True"or "Mostly True." Another 21 percent were "Half True."

How about the number two GOP frontrunner, Dr. Ben Carson? Politifact has checked only 23 statements, but it doesn't look good:


A whopping 62 percent of Carson's checked statements were rated some degree of false.

Or, how about the number two Democratic frontrunner, Bernie Sanders?


A huge number, 72 percent of Sanders' checked statements were some degree of true.

Certainly food for thought, and something to share this Thanksgiving...



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