‘Hello N*gger’: Conservatives Welcome President Obama To Twitter


Ten minutes after President Barack Obama announced he would be personally tweeting from his new Twitter account, the right began calling him a "n*gger." 

Editor's note: It should go without saying that we find all these tweets and the image beyond abhorrent, as we noted in the article below. Some have complained to Facebook, which removed the article from my Facebook page. 

Also, the Washington Post's Jonathan Capehart very kindly linked to this article but some Post readers didn't understand that we oppose these vile statements of hate against the President, so now we're getting hate messages via social media.

Just want to be totally clear where we stand.

At 11:38 Monday morning, President Barack Obama sent his first tweet from the new White House Twitter account, @POTUS (President of the United States).

Here at NCRM, announcing the news about 45 minutes later, we joked, "Someone's going to have to break it to him that he doesn't get to keep the account when he leaves office..."

But back on Twitter, it took conservatives all of ten minutes to start engaging in despicable acts, by calling President Obama "nigger."

That was the first, but hardly the last. A quick search this morning found 60 tweets that included @POTUS and nigger, like these:

Of course, the "n" word wasn't the only ugly slur the right threw at @POTUS.

We counted eleven instances of tweets calling @POTUS a "fag," five with "faggot" or "faggots," and you can imagine the rest of the tweets from the right, like this one:

Just remember, liberals are "silencing" the right. 

Yeah, right.



Image via Twitter
Hat tip: If You Only News


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