6th Circuit Judge: ‘Sky Hasn’t Fallen’ In A Decade Of Same-Sex Marriage


Early details from today's 6th Circuit Court of Appeals hearing show one judge grilling Michigan's state attorney.

Here's an early report from today's 6th Circuit hearing, where the first case was Michigan's Deboer v. Snyder, and the state's attorney, Aaron Lindstrom, was grilled by the court.

It would be unwise to divine any hint of which way the court is leaning from this exchange, but it's interesting.

U.S. 6th Circuit Appeals Judge Martha Craig Daughtrey "pointed to a lack of demonstrably ill effects of gay marriage in the decade since it first became legal in Massachusetts," MLive reports.

"It doesn't look like the sky has fallen," she said.

Lindstrom said there hasn't been enough time to measure the effects.

"It's too early to tell when you change such a fundamental bedrock of society," he said. "The big picture is it's simply too early to tell.

Lindstrom repeatedly insisted, "it's too early to tell."

Judge Daughtrey also noted that Mark Regnerus' university disowned his study.


UPDATE: Listen to the fascinating audio just released from today's hearing, and stay tuned to The New Civil Rights Movement for more reports throughout the day.


Image by David Grimes via Flickr


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