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Today’s Awesome Google Doodle Will Make You Want To Grab A Bucket Of Popcorn



Today’s Google doodle is a tribute to graphic designer Saul Bass, the man who worked with Hollywood film greats, like Alfred Hitchcock, Otto Preminger, Billy Wilder, Stanley Kubrick and Martin Scorsese. Bass, who would have been 93 today, also created the AT&T logo — twice — and other iconic logos, from the 1950’s to the 1990’s, until his death in 1996.

Right now is a great time to take a few moments to enjoy Google’s video doodle (watch it in full-screen mode,) below, and then relive some of the great designer’s works.

Personally, having grown up in the ’60’s, this means so much to me, especially since I have a BFA in graphic design from Parsons (not that I ever used it…)

The music in the video, appropriately, is Dave Brubeck’s “Unsquare Dance.”


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Google And Twitter Honor Iconic Graphic Designer Saul Bass

Storified by David Badash· Wed, May 08 2013 10:29:56

Doodle for Saul Bass’ 93rd Birthdaygoogle
Today’s animated #GoogleDoodle celebrates the birthday of late filmmaker/graphic designer Saul Bass. Their best yet? Agency Group
Here are all the film title sequences referenced in that amazing Saul Bass Google doodle–VIDEO:
Happy Birthday to graphic designer and filmmaker Saul Bass, who was born on this day in 1920 Museum
ESSENTIAL READING on Saul Bass = “Saul Bass: A Life In Film & Design” by Jennifer Bass and Pat Kirkham. of the Title
Haciéndole un poco el coro a Google, mi trabajo favorito de Saul Bass. #Artista Meixide
For Saul Bass’s birthday, his title sequence for the 1956 adaptation of Jules Verne’s Around the World in 80 Days Popova
Today’s #Google #Doodle is terrific!! Happy 93rd anniversary, Saul Bass!!
Happy birthday, Saul Bass, greatest graphic designer of all time! Celebrate with his legacy in film and design Popova
ENORME el Doodle dedicado a Saul Bass: ¡Felicidades, maestro!ía
The Title Design of Saul BassIan Albinson
Saul Bass es un genio de la gráfica aplicada al cine, aquí en la expo que tuvo lugar en el @cbamadrid
Homenaje a Saul Bass en Google!! Una persona con esta firma se merece todos los reconocimientos del mundo! MB
“Design is thinking made visual.” -Saul Bass O’Neil
#Recomendar Video homenaje de #Google a Saul Bass, maestro de los créditos del cine| #Internet
Read more about Saul Bass on his #ArtoftheTitle designer profile page here: #SaulBassArt of the Title
Hoy hacen 16 años desde la muerte de Saul Bass, uno de los diseñadores gráficos más curiosos. Sonia Alonso
saul bass poster for star wars Ahmad Abdul
Saul Bass nos dio inolvidables secuencias de crédito… pero para mí es el director de la alucinante “Phase IV”! Snuff
Espectacular “doodle” de Google homenajeando a un monstruo del diseño gráfico, Saul Bass,…muy, muy recomendable. Arq.
Buenos días a todos. Hoy el doodle de google en homenaje a Saul Bass nos inspira retro y color. Disfrútalas por 88 €. San Gabino
Google rend hommage au graphiste du cinéma Saul Bass D.-V.
I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares. – SAUL BASS – #Taurus
Hoy cumple Saul Bass, diseñador gráfico creador de grandes e increíbles secuencias de títulos! 😀 chequen su doodle! Patricia Angulo
Buenos días, aquí va mi homenaje a Saul Bass… Merhienda
“Design is thinking made visual.” -Saul Bass O’Neil
Oh vaia Saul Bass 🙂 creador do cartel da miña película favorita de Billy Wilder Lamas
Harold Adler’s hand-lettering for Saul Bass. So happy you both met! bradley
In honour of his birthday, we post this again. Happy birthday, Saul Bass *watch the animated Google Doodle today 🙂
#Saulbass artwork: Ojiplático
Dünyaca ünlü grafikçi ve film yapımcı “Saul Bass” ‘ın 93. doÄŸum gününü Google hatırladı.
#google #Almaty Заметил только, появился новый дудл посвященный графическому дизайнеру Сол Басс (Saul Bass) Freak
RT @OKBJGM: the wisdom of saul bass. Williams
A Graph a Day. May 8, 1920. Saul #Bass is born in… #Lod #SaulBass #Design #Cinema
Here’s some real Saul Bass trivia—his rejected poster for SCHIDNLER’S LIST, the last work he was commissioned to do: Cinephiliacs
“I want to make beautiful things” – Saul Bass Lantz
Saul Bass: On Making Money vs Quality Workarchieboston

Hat tip: Caleb Eigsti and Buzzfeed

Image, top, via Twitter by Media Agency Group

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‘Poof’: White House Mocks Stunned Fox News Host as GOP’s Impeachment Case Evaporates on Live Air



The White House is mocking a Fox News host who appeared stunned as the former President of Ukraine destroyed House Republicans’ impeachment case against President Joe Biden on live-air in real time.

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade, a supporter of Donald Trump, on Monday interviewed former President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, who served from 2014-2019. Kilmeade previously had interviewed Viktor Shokin, the former Prosecutor General of Ukraine, who was fired in 2016 for not prosecuting corruption cases.

“I had a chance to talk to Viktor Shokin, a man who says he was friends of yours, who you asked to come back and help out during the transition after the previous regime,” Kilmeade told Poroshenko. “Here’s what he said on why he was fired by you. Listen.”

On previously recorded video, Shokin says: “Poroshenko fired me at the insistence of the then Vice President Biden, because I was investigating Burisma… There were no complaints whatsoever, no problems with how I was performing at my job, but because pressure was repeatedly put on President Poroshenko that is, what ended up in him firing me.”

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Kilmeade then asks the former Ukrainian President, “Is that why he got fired, because of the billion dollars and the former vice president now President?”

“First of all, this is the completely crazy person,” Poroshenko says of Shokin, as Kilmeade grows increasingly stunned. “This is something wrong with him. Second, there is no one single word of truth. And third, I hate the idea to come to make any commands and to make any intervention in an American election. We have very much enjoyed the bipartisan support. And please do not use the such person like Shokin to undermine the trust between bipartisan support in Ukraine.”

Surprised, Kilmeade asks, “What do you mean, he’s not your friend?”

“I don’t see him maybe for years or something, at all,” Poroshenko tells Kilmeade, before getting a bit heated. “And I hate to have him, because [he] keep playing very dirty game, unfortunately.”

“Okay,” the surprised Fox News host says, before asking again. “So that is not true. You didn’t, you didn’t, he didn’t get fired because of Joe Biden?”

READ MORE: ‘Careening’ Toward ‘Risk of Political Violence’: Experts Sound Alarm After Trump Floats Executing His Former General

“He was fired,” Poroshenko replied. “But because of his own statement, and if you do not do that next day, Ukrainian parliament will fire him.”

HuffPost’s political reporter Arthur Delaney, responding to the video, writes: “This is the centerpiece of the Republicans’ corruption allegation against Joe Biden.”

While debunked numerous times during Trump’s presidency, Republicans have resurfaced the false claim that then-Vice President Biden forced then-president Poroshenko to fire Shokin in an effort to protect Burisma. Shokin was not investigating Burisma, according to a CNN fact check.

“Poroshenko is absolutely right here and good for him for stating clearly how dangerous it is that his false story is being used to play political games with n the US. Shokin’s claims have no basis in reality. He was fired for incompetence and failing to crack down on corruption,” writes the Financial Times’ Ukraine correspondent Christopher Miller.

U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) mocked Oversight Committee Chairman Jim Comer, writing on social media, “Ummm @RepJamesComer call your office.”

White House spokesperson Ian Sams went further, while pointing out the allegation just evaporated.

READ MORE: Gaetz Praises GOP Congressman Who Echoes His Call for Change ‘Through Force’

“Not only does he play a leading role in the conspiracy theories promoted by Fox News personalities – he is central to the conspiracy theories animating extreme House Republicans’ baseless, fact-free impeachment stunt against President Biden,” Sams wrote. “Yet another allegation goes *poof*”

Watch the video below or at this link.


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‘Height of Irresponsibility’: Top LGBTQ Civil Rights Group Slams House Republicans Over Shutdown and ‘Politics of Hate’



The nation’s largest LGBTQ civil rights organization on Monday released a 30-second TV ad attacking House Republicans for their “politics of hate” and for bring the federal government to the edge of a shutdown. The government will shut down unless the House can pass legislation to keep it open, legislation the Senate would have to vote on and pass, and President Joe Biden would have to sign, all before midnight on September 30.

“You sent your representative to Washington to work on behalf of everyday Americans, like you. But House Republicans spent the summer trying to divide us and failing to pass essential spending bills,” says the voiceover on the Human Rights Campaign‘s ad, expected to air nationwide according to The Hill.

“Instead, they’re trying to limit the health care you and your family can access, ban books and flags and block enforcement of civil rights laws, all while risking the government grinding to a halt.”

“Tell Congress to reject the politics of hate and get back to work,” the video adds.

READ MORE: ‘Careening’ Toward ‘Risk of Political Violence’: Experts Sound Alarm After Trump Floats Executing His Former General

“In addition to attaching numerous anti-LGBTQ+ provisions to their draft spending bills,” HRC adds in a press release, “the legislative attacks from Republicans in the House of Representatives also include stand-alone bills such as H.R. 734 — a nationwide ban on transgender students playing sports — as well as larger legislative packages like H.R. 5, which included book bans and provisions stigmatizing transgender students. The new ad from HRC, which will air nationwide, calls on voters to contact members and tell them to stand with the American people, reject the extremism of those like Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene and others, and take action to prevent a shutdown.”

“A shutdown is the height of irresponsibility and would interrupt critical government services, hurt working families, and endanger our national security,” said Kelley Robinson, President of the Human Rights Campaign. “This outcome was entirely avoidable, but House Republicans have instead hijacked the appropriations process to attack LGBTQ+ communities rather than doing their jobs. It’s past time for them to stop pushing an extremist agenda that’s a danger to us all.”

Watch the video below or at this link.



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‘Careening’ Toward ‘Risk of Political Violence’: Experts Sound Alarm After Trump Floats Executing His Former General



Political experts are sounding alarms after Donald Trump‘s weekend of attacks on the military and the media, with some cautioning America is “not just careening toward a significant risk of political violence around the 2024 presidential election. It’s also mostly oblivious to where it’s headed.”

Friday evening the ex-president said General Mark Milley, the outgoing Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, whom he appointed to that role, “in times gone by” would have been executed for treason.

Trump wrote, “if the Fake News reporting is correct,” General Milley “was actually dealing with China to give them a heads up on the thinking of the President of the United States. This is an act so egregious that, in times gone by, the punishment would have been DEATH! A war between China and the United States could have been the result of this treasonous act.”

READ MORE: Gaetz Praises GOP Congressman Who Echoes His Call for Change ‘Through Force’

Foreign policy, national security, and political affairs analyst David Rothkopf Sunday night warned, “Trump this weekend indicated military leaders who opposed his policies should be put to death and media that presented views he did not like are traitors and will be prosecuted. He is a monster, an aspiring dictator, the greatest threat America faces.”

Sunday evening Trump had also attacked NBC News and MSNBC, along with their parent company, Comcast, all by name. He wrote in part: “I say up front, openly, and proudly, that when I WIN the Presidency of the United States, they and others of the LameStream Media will be thoroughly scrutinized for their knowingly dishonest and corrupt coverage of people, things, and events.”

“Why should NBC, or any other of the corrupt & dishonest media companies, be entitled to use the very valuable Airwaves of the USA, FREE? They are a true threat to Democracy and are, in fact, THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE! The Fake News Media should pay a big price for what they have done to our once great Country!” Trump said on his social media platform.

Professor of global politics and political scientist Brian Klass at The Atlantic wrote on Monday that General Milley’s phone call to China “was, in fact, explicitly authorized by Trump-administration officials.”

READ MORE: ‘Corruption of the Highest Order’: Experts ‘Sickened’ at ‘Definitely Bought’ Clarence Thomas and His ‘Pay to Play’ Lifestyle

“And yet,” Klass noted, “none of the nation’s front pages blared ‘Trump Suggests That Top General Deserves Execution’ or ‘Former President Accuses General of Treason.’ Instead, the post barely made the news. Most Americans who don’t follow Trump on social media probably don’t even know it happened.”

Klass is also warning that America has become “numb” to these attacks.

“Trump’s rhetoric is dangerous, not just because it is the exact sort that incites violence against public officials but also because it shows just how numb the country has grown toward threats more typical of broken, authoritarian regimes. The United States is not just careening toward a significant risk of political violence around the 2024 presidential election. It’s also mostly oblivious to where it’s headed.”

Juliette Kayyem, a lecturer at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and a CNN national security analyst Monday morning observed: “To view each of Trump’s calls to violence in isolation — ‘he attacked Milley,’ or ‘he attacked NBC,’ or ‘he attacked the jury, the prosecutor, the judge ‘ — is to miss his overall plan to ‘introduce() violence as a natural extension of our democratic disagreement.'”

Kayyem, a former Asst. Secretary at the Dept. of Homeland Security and a terrorism expert, pointed to her own piece at The Atlantic from July.

“The language” Trump and his allies “are using is filled with words of war, elevating concerns among terrorism experts and security planners that Trump’s supporters pose the same threat of violence that they did before the January 6, 2021, insurrection at the Capitol,” Kayyem wrote.

READ MORE: ‘Vulgar and Lewd’: Trump Judge Cites Extremist Group to Allow Drag Show Ban

Klass again sounded the alarm on complacency:

“Bombarded by a constant stream of deranged authoritarian extremism from a man who might soon return to the presidency, we’ve lost all sense of scale and perspective. But neither the American press nor the public can afford to be lulled. The man who, as president, incited a violent attack on the U.S. Capitol in order to overturn an election is again openly fomenting political violence while explicitly endorsing authoritarian strategies should he return to power. That is the story of the 2024 election. Everything else is just window dressing.”

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