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Exodus International President On Hardball: ‘I Have Same-Sex Attractions’



Alan Chambers, the president of Exodus International, the world’s largest “ex-gay” organization, recently admitted that it’s impossible to “pray away the gay,” and on Hardball last night admitted the same, stating, “I have same-sex attractions.”

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From the Exodus website:

We believe that same-sex attractions are multi-causal meaning that there are multiple factors that lend to the development of this struggle. Many researchers, Christian and secular alike, have tried to boil the issue down to simple choice or genetics. We believe that both fail to convey the complexity of this issue and only serve to invalidate the people who are same-sex attracted.

While we have never met anyone who “chose” to feel same-sex attracted, people do have to eventually make a decision to either act on those feelings or not to act on them.  Since 1976, Exodus has served as an organization helping men and women surrender their sexual struggles to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  We do not believe that same-sex attractions are sinful in and of themselves but rather one type of struggle and temptation among the millions that impact each and every human being.

We do believe that any sexual expression outside of a monogamous marriage between one man and one woman falls outside of God’s creative intent for human sexual expression and is sinful.  Homosexuality is no greater or less a sin than any other and is not the determining factor for a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Zack Ford at Think Progress notes:

Sin, celibacy, and fake marriages do not constitute progress from ex-gay therapy. The difference between “don’t be gay” and “don’t act gay” is merely semantic, negligible in practice and unsupported by any scientific research. Exodus-affiliated groups are still working to instill internalized anti-gay stigma while erasing the existence of any kind of sexual orientation diversity. Their desire to not do harm is admirable — and with this change, they may in fact do less harm — but that doesn’t change the fact that anything short of sexual orientation affirmation is still harmful.

Raw transcript via MSNBC:

>>> three years ago, i welcomed my next guest to discuss the american psychological association’s reputeuation of gay to straight therapy. as president of exodus international, the largest evangelical organization dealing with this issue,al l alan chambers believed you could pray away the gay. >> i’m denying the power those things had over me. people say once you’re gay, you’re always gay, you can’t break free from that. that’s not true. >> chambers even appeared with his wife in ads saying change is possible, but now, he’s saying there’s no cure and that therapy doesn’t wipe out desires. he is still president of exodus and husband and father of two kids and is joining me now. what happened? what accounts for the change in position? >> i want to be clear. the fact is, my life is still as it was when i was on your radio program three years ago and i still hold to a biblical sexual ethic, but what i think what’s changed for me is really the overemphasis on this issue in ways that we don’t emphasize other issues in the church and specifically, with regards to repairtive therapy, so much of that type of technique and therapy is focused on changing attraction or changing temptation when i don’t there is a biblical reality that says people will necessarily change their temptations or change their struggles. so i want to be very, very clear about that. >> how about the practical reality? can you pray away the gay? >> i think that praying away the gay has been a lazy stereotype. that’s not what i did. as far as repairtive therapy, for year, we endorsed that and had people within our movement who did therapy, but so much of the focus is changing there where they’re talking about 100% cures and using that word specifically with me in private conversations and even introduce ing things like hetero sexual pornography to help instigate attraction. i don’t find that healthy at all. >> i guess what i’m waiting for you to say is that it doesn’t work because in the times, quote, he said that vir yully exgay he has met still harbors homosexual cravings, himself including. you’re married, father of two. you have homosexual cravings, is that right? >> i have same sex attractions. i didn’t use the word cravings nor would i. my attractions, if you want to know, are specifically and always towards my wife. for me, those things have changed. my life is not the the same as it was 21 years ago when i sought help, but to say that i don’t have temptations or could never be tempted or don’t have same-sex attractions isn’t true. for me as a christian leader and as someone helping people in their journey say those things very, very clearly. >> if you have those attractions because i think i still heard you say you still maintain, not that there’s anything wrong with it, are you trapped in that march of yours? >> i’m not trapped in that marriage. i married my wife 15 years ago because i was in love with her. i remain in love with her. that love has only grown deeper. never in 15 years have i been tempted to be unfaithful to my wife. i love her. she is the object of my every affection. to say i don’t have — >> what would you say to a young person who perhaps three years ago at the time we first met listened to alan chambers and took to heart your message as it then existed and pursued a career path hoping they could turn away from these innate feelings. do you apologize? say i got it wrong and come back to this fold? what’s the message? >> well, inni think if someone hears my message and — that those feelings are going to go away and their lives are going to be anything like my life, i am sorry for that. that has never been my intention. my intention is to simply help people of faith who are in conflict to live either sell bat lives or pursue a life congruent with their faith. >> would a homosexual be precluded admission from heaven on the basis of their sexuality according to alan chambers? >> well, thankfully, it’s not according to alan chambers. my biblical beliefs are that no one is excluded to heaven. i think the bible is very simple in its terms of how you come into a relationship. it says ask and you shall receive. knock and the door will be opened to you. it doesn’t say anywhere there’s any exclusions of people who can seek, ask and knock. >> you defended repairtive therapy a year ago comparing it to a weight loss struggle. >> it’s not picking and choosing people who are gay or lesbian. it really hits all of us. we can look at other organizations who help people dealing with other life struggles. for instance, weight watchers, which has tremendously benefitted by life. should we go after weight watchers and tell them don’t say there’s anything beyond obesity for people struggling with obesity and want an alternative. >> does that still hold up in your view? >> for me, i think those things do hold up. i have benefitted from weight watchers and other types of programs that have helped me in other areas of struggle in my area. i’m not telling someone that is happily gay identified or gay or lesbian that they should choose the life that i live or that god will love them more or less depending on the decision they make. for me and for people of faith who want to choose to live through the filter of their faith and a strong biblical sexual ethic in that regard, that they have that right to do that and so when it comes to issues like therapy. i wouldn’t say i was defending it a year ago. it is a very small and specific type of therapy that a few thera therapyists use. >> in that age old question, genes versus environment. we agree. gene, right. it’s the hand you’re dealt. >> i think what we have to do is stop making it so simple. it’s not simple. i think nature and nurture play a part in my life. we are genetic beings for sure, but we are certainly a product of the environment we grow up in. >> thanks for being here. we appreciate it cht.

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“They won’t be, but they are heinous & utterly lost,” she added, linking to a Washington Post article titled, “Judge releases evidence, video footage in attack on Pelosi.”

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Entrepreneur and programmer William LeGate, who won a Thiel fellowship at the age of 18, on Friday tweeted: “Now that the Paul Pelosi surveillance footage & 911 call have been made public, it’s time homophobic bigots like Elon Musk, Tucker Carlon, & the like to issue a public apology for spreading the ‘lover’s quarrel’ conspiracy theory.”

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Journalist and SiriusXM host Michelangelo Signorile also went after Republicans.

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NCRM is embedding the video below, from The Associated Press. We caution watching the brutal video, which is longer than many others and includes the actual attack and the moments after. Again, we urge caution.


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