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  • Watch This Beautiful Cheerios Ad Featuring A Same-Sex Couple And Their Daughter (Video)

    Cheerios released this amazingly heartwarming ad of a wonderful same-sex couple and the daughter they adopted. Beautiful. 

    Cheerios has been around since the 1940's. Over time, animated characters from Bullwinkle to Hoppity Hooper to the Cheerios Honeybee have represented the brand. Now, a lovely same-sex couple and their beautiful daughter get to.

    The ad, titled, "The Cheerios Effect - André, Jonathan & Raphaëlle’s Story," indeed tells the story of how André and Jonathan met, and how Raphaëlle came into their lives. It's a beautiful story and the couple, from Canada, tell it in a heartwarming way, complete with French accents, for Cheerios Canada.

    Of course, the ad is guaranteed to spark anger and anti-gay hate -- One Million Moms no doubt is getting their quill pen and ink warmed up, ready to fire off yet another misguided missive.

    General Mills, the $15 billion international food giant that owns Cheerios, is no stranger to controversial ads. Last year, a General Mills' Cheerios commercial drew scorn and anger because it featured an interracial couple as parents of a bi-racial daughter. Comments on YouTube were so bad they were closed and removed.

    "In 2012, the National Organization began a boycott against General Mills," Jeremy Hooper at Good As You writes, noting that this ad, below, "is General Mills' latest response to it."

    Watch, enjoy:


    Image via YouTube


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    • commented 2014-11-05 20:43:33 -0500
      love all three of you, you have a beautiful amily, god bless you xoxo

    • commented 2014-10-07 01:59:13 -0400
      Black Babies, the new must-have fashion accessory.

    • posted about this on Facebook 2014-10-05 19:45:44 -0400
      Watch Cheerios' Beautiful Ad Featuring Gay Dads And Their Daughter (Video)

    • @PixxeeGrrl tweeted link to this page. 2014-10-05 19:45:42 -0400

    • posted about this on Facebook 2014-10-05 19:45:41 -0400
      Watch Cheerios' Beautiful Ad Featuring Gay Dads And Their Daughter (Video)

    • commented 2014-10-04 17:48:48 -0400
      HERE is Transcript: Please share David.

      Andre, Jonathan and Raphaelle

      A: Most of my life I thought it would never be possible to have a child, since I was gay.
      A: So some friends of our organized a blind date…
      J: But I was nervous, you know ..but.
      A: Blind Dates never work out, usually, I believe.. It was my first one anyway…So when I saw him at first glance, I’m like OMG you know.
      J: He did that to me… Just a little wink! ..and I thought oh it’s him!
      A: It was an immediate connection….
      We couldn’t keep all this Luck and Love just for ourselves,
      so the idea of being a Dad was really increasing over time.
      Jz; Before that it wasn’t an option, but now in 2014 .. its a possibility.
      A: I was at work and I got a phone call ..She said Andrea I’ve got a proposal ..
      I’ve got a beautiful little girl to introduce to you an Johnathan ..are you still interested?
      We got off work, had 10 minutes to get clean and handsome and all ready to meet
      Gasp…Our Girl … she was
      J: Five pounds
      A: Yeah, tiny..Almost automatically from the time we saw her crying, we just cuddled her
      And then .. We were a family. We fell in love instantly J: Nods
      J: And then he gave me Raphaelle and I said to Raphaelle: ‘Dad is here. Daddy is here now
      And it was the first time .. I said Dad
      J: With the program it was a risk, Raphaelle can go back to her biological family.
      Now she is really Cool! She has love she is confident…
      …But people from outside who have trouble with Dads, they put doubt in her head,
      We are going to have to fight with that.
      A: We were hesitating..Do we call ourselves Dads?
      J: If Rafael has a problem with two dads… I think..its not going to be our fault.
      I don’t have confidence for myself in my whole life…BUT for this I knowI
      A: For being a Dad…WE ROCK!

    • commented 2014-10-04 16:59:43 -0400
      Fantastic! Now their using us to sell food that’s making America fat. Cute commercial, though.

    • commented 2014-10-04 16:34:01 -0400

    • commented 2014-10-04 16:32:31 -0400
      Never ate Cheerios. Now I will and applaud General Mills for including the world in their advertisements and growing family.

    • commented 2014-10-04 14:04:17 -0400
      Just found time to watch! AMAZING..will be sharing but I have a DEAF LGBTQ group who beg for TRANSCRIPTS of all VIDEOS Please!… I will do it later today and post here or another site!

    • commented 2014-10-04 08:52:54 -0400
      I think I’ve lived a long time and I’ve never experienced the feelings I had as a gay man and priest when I watched this commercial. Through the hate and bullying that so many in the LGBT community have endured and through the glory felt by those who can now marry and profess their love, this courageous attempt from General Mills stands tall. Thank you Andre and Jonathan, thank you Raphaelle, and thank you General Mills.

    • commented 2014-10-04 08:12:43 -0400
      Andre and Jonathan are incredibly brave for telling their story in public like this, and the folks at General Mills have won my respect for this latest salvo in their stand against hate. But I’m also a medievalist, and I like quill pens… I even make my own. Yes, I’m being a little silly to compensate for the fact that this commercial made me cry. But I do really make my own quill pens.

    • commented 2014-10-04 07:29:41 -0400
      That little girl is about adorable. What a wonderful family story

    • commented 2014-10-03 23:23:16 -0400
      Wow… that was such a great story… it’s not often that a major corporation is willing to do the right thing… how refreshing. I just became a fan of General Mills.

    • posted about this on Facebook 2014-10-03 21:16:08 -0400
      Watch Cheerios' Beautiful Ad Featuring Gay Dads And Their Daughter (Video)

    • commented 2014-10-03 17:04:25 -0400
      loved it, general mills has my support

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