Jason Chaffetz Might Just Pull a Sarah Palin


Headed to Fox?

The powerful chairman of the House Oversight Committee was so prepared for a Hillary Clinton presidency that before the election he told reporters he already had years worth of investigations planned. But now that Donald Trump is in the White House, Chaffetz has refused to investigate the president. And on Wednesday, stunning practically everyone, Congressman Chaffetz announced he would not seek re-election.

Insisting he would have won re-election, Chaffetz said he wanted to spend more time with his family – an understandable desire especially for a congressman who regularly flies back and forth to Utah. 

But now reports are coming in quickly suggesting that Chaffetz may leave office early – some say as soon as tomorrow. 

KSL News Radio, out of Salt Lake City, took to Twitter to say the Congressman told them "he might not finish his Congressional term."

And Crooks and Liars says "reports are surfacing that Chaffetz may be leaving his role before his term is even up." 

Salt Lake City's Fox 13 News Director:

The Atlantic's McCay Coppins says Chaffetz could be headed to Fox News:

Utah Policy echoes the Fox News rumor:

Ben Winslow, at Fox 13 reports, "Chaffetz didn't say exactly what he has lined up post-congress. Asked if he was offered a rumored gig at FOX News Channel, he replied: 'None of that can come to fruition until you actually go forward and make this announcement. Then you can pursue what those opportunities may be.'"

And an AP story at, yes, Fox News, titled, "Chaffetz may not finish final term in Congress" reports "Chaffetz has faced mounting criticism in recent months for declining to investigate President Donald Trump and likely would have faced a bruising primary and general election battle in 2018."

It adds, ironically, "Chaffetz wasn't immediately available for comment."

But if he does leave early and head to Fox News, Chaffetz really will have pulled a Sarah Palin. 

A Daily Caller reporter says Chaffetz says he's not leaving Friday:


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