Romney Attacks ‘Trumpism,’ Chooses Cruz


'There Is a Contest Between Trumpism and Republicanism'

The war over the soul of the Republican Party has another soldier: Mitt Romney. The 2012 GOP presidential nominee Friday afternoon attacked Donald Trump, and announced he will be voting for Texas Tea Party Senator Ted Cruz, posting this tweet:

Romney also issued a strong and stern statement on Facebook.

"Today, there is a contest between Trumpism and Republicanism," the former Massachusetts governor asserted. "Through the calculated statements of its leader, Trumpism has become associated with racism, misogyny, bigotry, xenophobia, vulgarity and, most recently, threats and violence. I am repulsed by each and every one of these."

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Romney mentioned his affinity for Ohio Gov. John Kasich, saying he "has a solid record as governor," but added, pragmatically, "a vote for Governor Kasich in future contests makes it extremely likely that Trumpism would prevail."

"The only path that remains to nominate a Republican rather than Mr. Trump is to have an open convention. At this stage, the only way we can reach an open convention is for Senator Cruz to be successful in as many of the remaining nominating elections as possible."

Romney said, "I will vote for Senator Cruz and I encourage others to do so as well, so that we can have an open convention and nominate a Republican."

Any guesses who Romney might want that to be? 


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