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‘Powerful, Strong, Charismatic, Energetic, Able’: Biden ‘On Fire’ at Wisconsin Rally



Just hours before his ABC News interview with George Stephanopoulos is set to air, President Joe Biden delivered a rally performance in Madison, Wisconsin that is being seen very positively after his damaging debate last week.

Even The New York Times, which one critic reported has published 192 pieces on Biden’s debate performance as of 8 AM this morning, described the President’s performance in Wisconsin as “forceful,” while still attacking him:

“The big question for Biden is why he waited a week and a day after his awful debate performance to deliver this kind of forceful rebuttal to calls that he step aside. Instead, he let it fester for days as angry Democrats built momentum for the idea he should quit the race,” wrote The Times’ Reid J. Epstein, who did not not report that The Times is being seen by many as among the most vociferous proponents of Biden exiting the race.

The Times’ Rebecca Davis O’Brien offered a more positive take on the President’s performance: “Biden’s speech was short, but animated and defiant, with jokes and one-liners that drew laughter from the crowd.”

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At Friday’s event, voters and the President sounded extremely enthusiastic, with rally goers chanting, “Let’s Go Joe!” and Biden defiantly shouting, “I’m staying in the race! I’ll beat Donald Trump!”

Indeed, Friday afternoon, Lincoln Project co-founder Mike Madrid, who has been a Latino GOP political consultant for at least three decades, wrote: “This split between the talking heads and media pundits and the voter base reaction feels a lot like what was happening with Republicans in 2016.”

“People don’t like being told what to do anymore,” he said. “The DC folks are really missing it. The ground is shifting.”

“Regardless of what happens in the next hours, days, weeks and months something has fundamentally shifted with the media in the past week,” Madrid added. “There’s outrage. Democrats can probably heal that but not sure the punditry class and cable shows can.”

The well-known journalist, journalism professor, and former TV critic Jeff Jarvis wrote: “Joe in Madison is powerful, strong, charismatic, energetic, able.”

Declaring his support for President Biden, Jarvis added, “I am enthusiastic about him. Do not disenfranchise me. Do not try to cancel my vote. Fuck you, New York Times, Washington Post, Economist and all you baying institutions, each too old.”

Attorney Bernie Wong was just one of many social media users Friday who declared Biden was “on fire” in Wisconsin.

“At Wisconsin, Joe Biden is delivering a standard political speech. At 81, and he’s on fire. Citing facts, his attacks are sharp.”

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CNN reports anecdotally one rally attendee told them Biden’s speech “changed his calculus” and he will support the President’s re-election bid.

Biden owned up to his poor performance eight days ago, admitting it wasn’t his “best performance.” As the crowd chanted and cheered, he smiled as he appeared to enjoy their support.

“I am running and I’m going to win again!”

He also took several swings at Donald Trump;

Joking that “I know I look 40,” Biden asked the crowd point-blank if they think he’s “too old.”

“What do you think? You think I’m too old to restore Roe v. Wade as the law of the land? You think I’m too old to ban assault weapons again? To protect social security and Medicare?” Biden said to a raucous crowd, Politico reported. “You think I’m too old to beat Donald Trump? I can hardly wait.”

Watch the videos above or at this link.

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US Strong Economic Growth ‘Continues to Defy Expectations,’ Expert Credits Biden Policies



America’s economy grew at a “robust” but “not too hot” rate over the last quarter, leading experts to declare it “continues to defy expectations,” as inflation subsides. Economists point to sustained levels of purchasing by American consumers, with one expert crediting President Joe Biden’s economic policies as achieving better results than most countries around the world have seen.

“The economy picked up sharply in the second quarter as a rise in consumer and business spending offset a drop in housing construction and a widening trade gap,” USA Today reports. “The nation’s gross domestic product, the value of all goods and services produced in the U.S., expanded at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 2.8% in the April-to-June period, the Commerce Department said Thursday.”

“Forecasters surveyed by Bloomberg had projected a 1.9% increase.”

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Michael Linden, a Senior Policy Fellow at the Washington Center for Equitable Growth explains: “At this point after the Great Recession [a global recession that technically ended in 2009], the economy was about 6% smaller than what had been expected. That’s millions of people out of work. That’s hundreds of billions of dollars not in pockets. It matters a lot that we are above projections!”

He adds, “the overall size of the US economy is BIGGER today than what was expected even before the pandemic struck.”

Fitch Ratings’ head of economic research Olu Sonola told ABC News, “This is a perfect report for the Fed,” referring to the Federal Reserve, which is widely expected to cut interest rates in September. “Growth during the first half of the year is not too hot, inflation continues to cool and the elusive soft landing scenario looks within reach.”

ABC News also notes that “inflation has slowed sharply, to 3% from 9.1% in 2022,” and explains: “The Fed’s rate hikes — 11 of them in 2022 and 2023 — were a response to the flare-up in inflation that began in the spring of 2021 as the economy rebounded with unexpected speed from the COVID-19 recession, causing severe supply shortages. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 made things worse by inflating prices for the energy and grains the world depends on. Prices spiked across the country and the world.”

Former National Economic Council Deputy Director Bharat Ramamurti praised the Biden-Harris administration’s polices for returning economic results that have been among the best around the world.

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“The Biden-Harris economy continues to defy expectations and lap its global competitors. And it reflects decisions the Admin[istration] made: to prioritize a quick return to a strong job market and to promote private investment in clean energy and manufacturing,” he wrote.

Ramamurti, who served as Democratic U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren’s senior counsel for banking and economic policy, and as her 2020 presidential campaign’s economic policy director, also issued a strong warning:

“The biggest threat to our sustained progress is the Trump economic agenda, which would reignite inflation and stifle growth — all in the service of delivering massive tax cuts to the rich and creating a de facto national sales tax via 10% across-the-board tariffs.”

Washington Post columnist and editorial board member Heather Long called it “a great GDP report,” and concluded: “The economy keeps powering on.”

See the charts above or at this link.

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‘A Narrative You Love’: White House Slams Doocy’s ‘Cover Up’ Claim



Three days after President Joe Biden heeded the call of his Party’s leaders and ended his re-election campaign, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre blasted Fox News’s Peter Doocy for alleging a long-term “cover-up” of the President’s health had taken place.

President Biden, who returned to the White House Tuesday after a week-long slog with COVID, will address the nation Wednesday night in a rare Oval Office primetime speech, to explain his historic and nearly unprecedented decision to exit the race and endorse Vice President Kamala Harris.

“It would seem that the White House knew that President was slipping. And it was hidden from the American people. So who ordered White House officials to cover up a declining president?” asked Doocy, who has been a thorn in the administration’s side for much of Biden’s term.

“I know that that is a narrative that you love,” Jean-Pierre reminded him.

“He did a press conference at NATO, ‘I’m in it,’ ” Doocy charged. ‘There’s all these things to finish,’ and then ten days later, ‘I’m dropping out.’ ”

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“First of all, there’s been no cover up,” Jean-Pierre declared. “I want to be very clear about that. I know that is the narrative that you all want. It is not.”

“I’m going to say this again, and, you’re going to hear it directly from the President – I hope you listen tonight. I think it’s going to be incredibly powerful and important, the Oval Office, as you know, when they make speeches from the Oval Office it’s because they want to directly make sure that the American people hear it from them. Obviously going to be done in primetime. I would listen to the President.”

“And then what I will say is that it is not easy,” she continued, “making a decision that the President made on Sunday, it is just not. It is not . And as all you have you reported, it is historic. It is unusual. This is not the norm, and making a decision like that for someone who has been in public service for 54 years. U.S. Senator for 36, Vice President to President Obama for eight, and now a first term as president himself. These are not easy decisions to make. They’re just not. And so the fact that he was able to make that decision in a selfless way. That’s admirable.”

Jean-Pierre’s assertion the mainstream media wants to promote a “cover-up” narrative is substantiated by MSNBC’s Elise Jordan, who in video that aired Wednesday asked a focus group, “Who do you blame for President Biden’s being in office in this condition?”  and then, “Who deserves the blame?”

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Professor and media critic Jeff Jarvis responded, “Hang that in the museum of dead journalism, in the collection of leading questions.”

Jarvis added Jordan then –  referring to Vice President Kamala Harris – said: “If she’s willing to hide that kind of information…. Is is it a power grab or…?”

Watch the video of Doocy and Jean-Pierre below or at this link.

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Trump Said Some Disabled People – Including His Young Relative – Should Just ‘Die’: Nephew



In the Oval Office in May of 2020, then-President Donald Trump told his nephew some disabled people “should just die,” and later suggested maybe he “should just let him die and move down to Florida.”

That’s according to “All in the Family: The Trumps and How We Got This Way,” a new book by Fred C. Trump III, former president Donald Trump’s nephew, via excerpts published in TIME magazine on Wednesday.

Fred Trump explained that in 1999, his own son was born with “infantile spasms, a rare seizure disorder which in William’s case altered his development physically and cognitively.” When his uncle became President, he “recognized what a highly privileged position” he would be in, including having “some access to the White House. And as long as that was true, I wanted to make sure I used that access for something positive.”

His wife Lisa reached out to Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter and White House senior advisor, who put them in touch with Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Dr. Ben Carson. After several meetings and apparently a good deal of progress and consensus, under the direction of Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, a group including Azar, his Asst. Secretary Brett Giroir, and Fred Trump, went into the Oval Office to talk with the President.

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As they were leaving the 45-minute meeting during which Trump “seemed genuinely curious regarding the depth of medical needs across the U.S. and the individual challenges these families faced,” Fred Trump said, “Donald’s assistant caught up with me. ‘Your uncle would like to see you,’ she said.”

After some pleasantries, Fred Trump writes, his uncle “sounded interested and even concerned. I thought he had been touched by what the doctor and advocates in the meeting had just shared about their journey with their patients and their own family members. But I was wrong.”

“ ‘Those people . . . ‘ Donald said, trailing off. ‘The shape they’re in, all the expenses, maybe those kinds of people should just die.’ “

Fred Trump writes he “turned and walked away.”

At some point, in 2020 or later, Fred Trump says a family medical fund established by his Uncle Robert Trump was growing depleted. It was being managed by Eric Trump, who suggested the former President’s nephew talk to him to ask for help.

While “at Briarcliff Manor, home of the Trump National Golf Club in Westchester, N.Y.,” Fred saw his uncle talking. Not wanting to disturb him, he called him later that afternoon.

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Explaining how expenses were growing as was resistance from some other family members to help, Fred Trump told him, “We may need your help with this. Eric wanted me to give you a call.”

“Donald took a second as if he was thinking about the whole situation,” Fred writes.

“ ‘I don’t know,’ he finally said, letting out a sigh. ‘He doesn’t recognize you. Maybe you should just let him die and move down to Florida.’ “

Donald Trump’s alleged remarks comport with those he has made in the past, including publicly mocking a reporter with a disability, considered in 2016 to be his “worst” offense, NBC News reported.

Trump reportedly also said he did not want any disabled veterans , and called disabled veterans “suckers” and “losers.”

While president, according to the New York Post, Trump allegedly made disparaging “remarks at a welcome ceremony for Gen. Mark Milley at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall in 2019, after Army Capt. Luis Avila, who was severely wounded in Afghanistan, sang ‘God Bless America,’ the Atlantic reported.”

“Why do you bring people like that here? No one wants to see that, the wounded,” Trump allegedly told Milley.

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