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‘Monster’ Ted Cruz Blasted Over False Terror Attack Claim: ‘Truth Means Nothing to MAGA’



On the day before Thanksgiving an American and his wife reportedly drove their $300,000 Bentley across the Rainbow Bridge that starts in the U.S from Niagara Falls, New York, and ends on the other side in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

They didn’t make it to the other side.

Their “speeding car crashed in flames,” Reuters reported Wednesday. The couple died. The New York Times reported the mayor of Niagara Falls, NY, “said the couple had originally been headed to a concert in Canada, and investigators believe it was a Kiss show that was called off after a band member’s illness.”

The Times adds that the FBI on Wednesday, hours after the crash, concluded it was not related to terrorism. The Reuters headline now also says, “terrorism ruled out.”

“Investigators were looking at the possibility that the driver had a medical incident, or there was a malfunction with the vehicle,” the New York Post reports.

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None of that information, which has now been widely reported, exists in a current social media post U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) wrote on X (formerly Twitter), Wednesday afternoon, after the crash but before facts were known and widely reported. Cruz’s post has been viewed 4.8 million times.

“This confirms our worst fear: the explosion at Rainbow Bridge was a terrorist attack,” Senator Cruz, who sits on the Foreign Relations Committee, falsely claimed Wednesday afternoon. “Both attackers are dead, and one law enforcement officer is injured. I am praying that officer makes a full recovery and is able to spend Thanksgiving surrounded by family and loved ones. Thank you to our law enforcement officers who are remaining vigilant and working to protect Americans traveling for Thanksgiving.”

It was not a terrorist attack, a fact made clear quickly, despite reports by Fox News portraying it as a terror attack.

Cruz posted his false claims atop a Fox News report posted by far-right political commentator Benny Johnson, once called a “Pizzagate propagandist,” who also works for Charlie Kirk’s far-right group Turning Point USA.

Both Cruz’s post and Johnson’s posts are still up. Johnson’s video has been viewed 2.3 million times. A “readers’ note” was appended to Johnson’s video, pointing to New York Governor Kathy Hochul’s post saying, “No evidence of terrorism indicated at this time.”

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A “Readers’ note” was also appended to Cruz’s post, saying: “The explosion at the bridge Cruz references was determined to not be a terrorist attack, and instead an accident involving reckless driving.”

Senator Cruz, first elected to the Senate in 2012, is an attorney with a law degree from Harvard, and a former Texas Solicitor General. His official congressional biography adds Cruz was a “law clerk to Chief Justice of the United States William Rehnquist,” and, “associate deputy attorney general, U.S. Department of Justice.”

Cruz is very active on social media. Since his false tweet he’s made numerous posts on X, including promoting his podcast (“Stay entertained during your Thanksgiving travels by subscribing to Verdict today,”) five times, and late Friday morning promoting his book: “Perfect Black Friday Christmas Gift—The Bestseller Book Unwoke: How to Defeat Cultural Marxism In America.”

The Texas Senator’s false claim, which he has neither removed nor corrected in any manner, has led to tremendous outrage.

U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) reposted Cruz’s claim with a screenshot of an FBI statement that reads in part: “FBI Buffalo has concluded our investigation at the scene of the Rainbow Bridge incident. A search of the scene revealed no explosive materials, and no terrorism nexus was identified.”

“This erroneous tweet is still up. Because the truth means nothing to MAGA fascists like Ted Cruz,” wrote former Chicago Tribune and Sun-Times editor Mark Jacob, who now writes a newsletter on politics and the media.

“Ted Cruz tells us it’s too soon to talk about the causes of gun violence in the aftermath of every mass shooting tragedy, but he didn’t hesitate to rashly and wrongly tweet that America was under attack by terrorists earlier today,” wrote gun violence prevention activist and Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts.

“What a monster is Ted Cruz,” wrote The Atlantic Norman Ornstein in response to Watt’s tweet.

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“This is embarrassing for you, Ted. Why not just delete this now that it’s completely bogus and wrong? Why prove to everyone you have zero sense of responsibility to the truth?” asked Christian conservative and attorney Heath Mayo.

“This is reckless lie by a member of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, who followed Fox News as it careened off the speculation cliff,” noted Brandon Wolf, the national press secretary for the Human Rights Campaign.

A former prosecutor for the New York Attorney General’s Office, Tristan Snell, served up this warning:

“By the way, anyone who continues to say the Rainbow Bridge crash was a ‘terrorist attack’ is potentially now liable for defamation by the families of the deceased. Ted Cruz, among others, should be looking for a lawyer.”

See the social media posts above or at this link.


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‘It Will Not Come Today’: Judge Kaplan Smacks Down Trump



U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan, presiding over E. Jean Carroll‘s successful $83.3 million lawsuit against Donald Trump, issued a cautionary rebuke on Monday to the ex-president who was demanding an immediate ruling on his request to delay payment to the journalist whose lawsuit made him a legally adjudicated rapist.

It is Trump’s third request, according to Law & Crime.

Trump attorneys Alina Habba and John Sauer again requested Judge Kaplan delay the payment due date for 30 days, after alleging Carroll’s attorneys “contradicted themselves in a recent court filing,” as ABC News reports. Habba and Sauer are asking for the delay, or that Judge Kaplan allow Trump to post a reduced bond of just under $25 million.

“Last month,” ABC adds, “Kaplan declined Trump’s initial request for a reduced bond or a delay, but asked for a reply from Carroll’s lawyers. In a filing last week, her attorneys argued that the reasoning in Trump’s request relief ‘boils down to nothing more than ‘trust me.””

Trump has until Thursday to post bond, a total of $91.63 million, so he can appeal.

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MSNBC’s Lisa Rubin reports, “Judge Lew Kaplan, faced with Trump’s fully-briefed request for a further stay of the E. Jean Carroll $83.3 million judgment, effectively says, ‘I’ll rule when I rule.'”

Kaplan wrote: “The Court is aware of defendant’s request for a decision on the stay motion no later than today ‘to allow time for [him] to finalize arrangements for an appropriate bond if necessary.’ … A decision will be rendered as promptly as is reasonably possible. Without implying what that decision will be or when it will be made, however, it will not come today.”

Just over a week ago, Judge Kaplan took “a pretty sharp dig at Trump’s attempt to delay the enforcement until right before the wire,” noted Just Security’s Adam Klasfeld. Kaplan had written: “Twenty-five days after the jury verdict in this case, and only shortly before the expiration of Rule 62’s automatic stay of enforcement of the judgment, Mr. Trump has moved for an ‘administrative stay’ of enforcement pending the filing and disposition of any post-trial motions that he may file. He seeks that relief without posting any security.”

“The Court declines to grant any stay, much less an unsecured stay, without first having afforded plaintiff a meaningful opportunity to be heard.”

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‘The Good of the Country’: Trump Explains Why He Thinks He Should Have Immunity



Responding to the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling Monday that he can remain on the Colorado ballot after the state, citing the 14th Amendment, removed him for engaging in insurrection, Donald Trump on Monday suggested he should have absolute immunity “for the good of the country and actually the good of the world.”

The Supreme Court recently decided to take up Trump’s “absolute immunity” claim, which is tied to Special Prosecutor Jack Smith’s prosecution of Trump for his actions to overturn the 2020 presidential election results. But falling under that argument could be his Espionage Act case against Trump, also referred to as the classified documents case, and indeed, possibly any case against him for his actions while in office.

“I don’t want to be prosecuted, because I decided to do something that is very much for the good of the country and actually for the good of the world,” Trump said in his rambling remarks, while talking about fighting ISIS when he was Commander-in-Chief.

“We were fighting for 20 years against ISIS. And we did it very quickly. I don’t want to be prosecuted. In that case, it worked out very well. There will be some things that perhaps don’t work out so well, but I don’t want to be prosecuted because I decided to do something that is very much for the good of the country and actually for the good of the world,” Trump said in his remarks.

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Trump’s hypothetical, however, is not why he’s being prosecuted.

He is facing a myriad of charges in just the two cases being prosecuted by Special Counsel Jack Smith. But Trump also faces charges in the New York District Attorney’s case, often referred to as the “hush money” case, and in the Fulton County election interference case – none of which have to do with battling terrorists overseas.

“A President shouldn’t have that on his mind and he has to have a free and clear mind when he makes very big decisions,” Trump continued, “or it’s going to be nothing more than a ceremonial post. You’ll be president, it’ll be a wonderful thing and you won’t do anything because you don’t want to be hit by your opponent or hit by somebody else because who wants to leave office and go through what I’ve gone through?”

No president in U.S. history has been charged with crimes related to his actions while in office.

Later in his remarks, as Real Clear Politics reported, Trump went on to say, “you have deranged Jack Smith, who is a Trump hater and represents all the Trump haters, and he’s going wild, wild man and he was just overturned unanimously by the Supreme Court, went after other people and he’s a great failure. He is mean, nasty, unfair.”

Smith was not “just overturned unanimously by the Supreme Court.” The Court agreed to take up Trump’s immunity claim, which Smith asked the Court to do in December.

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“The judges on these cases are Trump haters,” Trump continued. “Other than we have one or two I think can be fair. But you look at New York what has happened. These people have tremendous hatred.”

Political commentator Bob Cesca responded to Trump’s remarks, writing: “Remaining in office is the goal of a *campaign* not the duty of a *president*. He thinks illegally remaining president was an act ‘for the good of the country.’ He’s tacitly admitting to engaging in insurrection as part of his… duties? Hello, Jack Smith.”

Watch a clip of Trump’s remarks below or at this link.


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Video Shows 32 Times Trump ‘Babbled Nonsense’ or ‘Got Confused’ in Just One Day



A video compilation purports to show 32 times Donald Trump forgot words, mispronounced or mixed up names, got confused, or just “babbled insane nonsense” during his two campaign speeches on Saturday.

The video, posted to social media by attorney and MeidasTouch editor-in-chief Ron Filipkowski, lasts under 3 minutes, and has gotten 1.3 million views in under 30 hours.

“’Anybody that loves me, I like them’ – a reminder of how easy it is to play or manipulate Trump and how, per his own words, he has zero principles or values and operates on a purely narcissistic, self-serving basis,” observed journalist Mehdi Hasan, quoting Trump from the video.

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“And yet again the media will be primarily focused on Biden’s age,” lamented pollster and MSNBC political analyst Cornell Belcher. “As if Biden simply being old with no credible ethics issues is somehow equivalent to Trump’s clear cognitive problems along with 90+ criminal counts & an attempt to overthrow an election. Make it make sense.”

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Monday did a segment on what it called Trump’s “public gaffes.”

“The guy just kept getting confused,” co-host Joe Scarborough told viewers as he introduced video.

“We see it more and more,” Scarborough added, calling it “pathetic and sad.”

“He looks lost.”

Watch the videos above or at this link.

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