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‘Disgusting’: Pro-DeSantis Former GOP Lawmaker Pulls Support and Slams Florida Governor After Anti-LGBTQ Ad



A former Republican state lawmaker says she was “Team DeSantis” before the Florida GOP governor and flailing presidential candidate’s campaign over the weekend promoted a viciously anti-LGBTQ ad she says is part of his “morally wrong” and “politically misguided” attacks on LGBTQ people. Now, she says, “you couldn’t pay” her to vote for him.

The ad, which she calls “the most anti-LGBTQ+ ad in recent history,” is a video (below) that went viral on social media with more than 20 million views after it was reposted by Ron DeSantis‘ presidential campaign. In an apparent effort to sway far-right Republican voters over to DeSantis, it falsely paints Donald Trump as pro-LGBTQ and the Florida governor as a warrior against the LGBTQ community.

The DeSantis campaign embraced and promoted the seemingly-homemade ad, drawing an immutable line in the sand that puts the 44-year old GOP governor decisively on the side of anti-LGBTQ bigotry.

“In theory, I am Ron DeSantis’ perfect voter,” wrote former New Hampshire Republican state representative Yvonne Dean-Bailey in The Daily Beast. “I am a lifelong conservative, I vehemently oppose any and all COVID restrictions, and I am passionately anti-Trump. What could be a more ideal voter for a candidate like DeSantis?”

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“There’s one problem for DeSantis, though,” she continues, “I am a gay woman. And I can’t stand behind his attacks against the LGBTQ+ community.”

“I was undeniably on Team DeSantis before his campaign shared what could be considered the most anti-LGBTQ+ ad in recent history, boasting about all the measures he’s supported cracking down on the LGBTQ+ community. Not only did DeSantis show that he is as anti-LGBTQ+ as the mainstream media has alleged, he made a mockery of any GOP candidate that shows an interest in LGBTQ+ rights, setting the whole party back decades.”

Indeed, on Sunday, one Republican presidential candidate responded to a question about DeSantis’ ad by voicing support for the LGBTQ community.

Former U.S. Rep. Will Hurd of Texas told CNN instead of attacking LGBTQ people, GOP presidential candidates should be focusing “their attacks on war criminals like Vladimir Putin, and not my friends in the LGBTQ community.”

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Meanwhile, Dean-Bailey says after DeSantis’ anti-LGBTQ ad, “you couldn’t pay me to vote for the Florida governor now. I am a lesbian and DeSantis has made it abundantly clear that he doesn’t want any LGBTQ+ conservatives on his team because of their identity.”

And she blasts DeSantis for his overall “anti-gay rhetoric and actions” that “are not only deeply hurtful to LGBTQ+ Americans like myself but also tarnish the image of the conservative movement.”

“So far, he is only losing everyday Americans, including many conservatives like myself,” she warns, “through his disgusting anti-gay rhetoric. His attacks against the LGBTQ+ community and exclusion of LGBTQ+ conservatives are not only morally wrong but politically misguided.

Watch the DeSantis video below or at this link.


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‘Conspiring With Putin’: Democratic Congressman Brings the Hammer Down on Jim Jordan



U.S. Rep. Daniel Goldman (D-NY) is going after Jim Jordan, alleging the House Republican Judiciary Chair is “conspiring” with Russian President Vladimir Putin after posting a lengthy 2477 word diatribe that includes the thoroughly debunked “Burisma” claims even after the source of those claims, now-indicted former FBI source Alexander Smirnov, acknowledged it was propaganda fed to him from Kremlin officials.

“There are too many false statements in this fiction novel to address here, but it’s shocking that @Jim_Jordan continues to promote the Burisma hoax even after he learned that it was falsely peddled by Putin,” charged Congressman Goldman, an attorney and former federal prosecutor.

“Jordan is now conspiring with Putin to interfere in the Nov election,” Goldman alleged.

As NCRM reported last week, legal experts have been warning House Republicans if they continue to assert what Special Counsel David Weiss stated in a court document are false claims, including that Joe Biden and Hunter Biden each took $5 million bribes, they could be subject to conspiracy charges.

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The U.S. Dept. of Justice “must investigate whether and when Grassley, Comer or Jordan knew that Smirnov was spreading Russian disinformation,” Congressman Goldman, a former Assistant U.S. Attorney who prosecuted mobsters and Russian organized crime, declared Wednesday. “But now that it’s public, Comer and Jordan clearly will be conspiring with Putin to interfere in the election if they continue with this bogus impeachment.”

It’s not only Goldman.

Last week well-known former federal prosecutor of 30 years, Glenn Kirschner, also warned Republicans.

“I think the big question now is, what will the Republican members of Congress do now that they know that these are lies that they have been peddling as ably-assisted by Fox News? Will they continue to peddle those lies?” he told MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, “I heard Congressman Daniel Goldman on this network earlier this evening, saying something that I am in agreement with. He said that if members of Congress now continue to peddle knowing lies that are a product of Russian propaganda and disinformation, they should be criminally investigated for being part and parcel of a conspiracy to defraud the United States and to interfere in our elections.”

Attorney Maurice Ross on Friday wrote: “Joe Biden and Hunter Biden should sue Comer, Jordan and Grassley for defamation. The Speech and Debate Clause should not immunize willful slander. Further, the FBI and Justice Department should prosecute them for conspiracy with Russia to engage in treason.”

Last week Congressman Goldman appeared on MSNBC to discuss how Republicans promoting Russian disinformation might be criminally exposed.

Watch below or at this link.

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Image via Shutterstock

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Republican Furious No ‘Real Wins,’ Like on ‘Transgender Surgeries’ as Shutdown Looms



The House is still not back in session after Speaker Mike Johnson approved an early two week vacation, and it won’t be until Wednesday, when lawmakers will have just three days to pass legislation and send it to the Senate then on to the President to avert a shutdown of about half the federal government.

Republicans “slipped Sunday in their last-minute scramble to head off a looming government shutdown deadline that could shutter vital services at the Transportation Department, strain food stamp programs and put housing assistance for millions of families in jeopardy,” The Washington Post reported.

One far-right wing Republican congressman appears to be gearing up to fight efforts to keep the government open, and he rattled off a list of grievances he has with his fellow Republicans. It’s not the first time. Congressman Roy lamented Republicans had nothing to run on last year.

U.S. Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) on social media Monday blasted how the House may pass yet another continuing resolution to ensure the federal government stays open, while not having scored, in his estimation, any “real wins” on certain issues.

Without mentioning Speaker Johnson by name, Congressman Roy lamented “the status” of Republicans’ agenda points, denouncing what he sees as “NO PLAN TO FIGHT.”

Roy slammed House Republicans for going along with Johnson.

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“After passing 3 “’continuing resolutions’ (CR) for 5 mos. at Pelosi funding levels w/ promises to ‘fight,’ an NDAA [Defense authorization funding bill] w/ token ‘DEI’ policy wins & an extension of FISA spying-on-Americans, & no real border security wins, GOP leaders are poised to… INCREASE spending,” Rep. Roy complained, adding: “& likely fund Ukraine’s border…”

“This despite a year of hard-fought negotiating that gave us spending caps IN LAW we can enact simply with a CR thru 9/30 to cut total spending, leave defense & veterans untouched, & cut 10% ($73BB) of Biden’s non-defense bureaucracy…”

Roy continued complaining that Republicans are “publicly taking shutdown off the table (i.e. no leverage).”

“Worse, we are told that because there is war in Ukraine & China is dangerous, a CR that doesn’t ‘increase’ defense spending ‘doesn’t meet the moment.’ That’s why they aren’t leveraging spending caps in law!”

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He says they have been told only to expect “singles & doubles” and not “homeruns,” which, he adds, “means no real wins” on a slew of issues he appears to suggest are more important than keeping the government running. They include:

“border policies to end releases”
“student loans”
“transgender surgeries”
“climate/EV mandates”
“DOJ & Jack Smith or FACE Act prosecutions” (The Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances law whois Roy wants to repeal.)
“reforms to COVID tyranny”

Roy concludes his rant by urging his fellow Republicans to “Pick a fight and win it.”

Earlier Monday Roy said, “Our reckless spending is bankrupting our country and fueling a weaponized government at war with our way of life.” Also Monday Roy suggested he wants to defund the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security.

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‘BadgerPundit’: Top Trump Attorney in Fake Electors Plot Hid Secret Twitter Account



Kenneth Chesebro, one of the architects of Donald Trump’s fake elector plot, had a secret Twitter account he hid from investigators in Michigan that he used to promote some of his extremist theories. In October Chesebro pleaded guilty to a felony in Georgia’s RICO case against Donald Trump and 18 others.

Using the handle “BadgerPundit,” Chesebro hid “dozens of damning posts that undercut his statements to investigators about his role in the election subversion scheme, a CNN KFile investigation has found,” CNN reported. “The Twitter posts reveal that even before the 2020 election, and then just two days after polls closed, Chesebro promoted a far more aggressive election subversion strategy than he later let on in his Michigan interview.”

When confronted with evidence the account belonged to Chesebro, his attorneys admitted it belonged to their client, while minimizing the damning posts as a “random stream of consciousness” where he was just “spitballing” and “being a goof.”

But, in one instance, when accused of promoting an article likened to the “death of democracy,” Chesebro on his secret social media account replied, “it’s called politics, dude,” CNN’s KFile team reports.

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“When he was doing volunteer work for the campaign, he was very specific and hunkered-down into being the lawyer that he is, and gave specific kinds of legal advice based on things that he thought were legitimate legal challenges, versus BadgerPundit, who is this other guy over there, just being a goof,” said Robert Langford, an attorney for Chesebro.

But CNN reveals that on his BadgerPundit Twitter account, Chesebro said, “You don’t get the big picture. Trump doesn’t have to get courts to declare him the winner of the vote. He just needs to convince Republican legislatures that the election was systematically rigged, but it’s impossible to run it again, so they should appoint electors instead.” That was posted to Twitter, now X, on November 7, 2020, “the day multiple media outlets, including CNN, called the election for Joe Biden.”

CNN reports that contrary to his secret social media claim, “in his interview with Michigan investigators, Chesebro said the very opposite, claiming that the entire electors plan was contingent on the courts.”

“I saw no scenario where Pence could count any vote for any state because there hadn’t been a court or a legislature in any state backing any of the alternate electors,” Chesebro said.

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In another twist, CNN reports, “In an email to Trump attorneys in early December 2020, Chesebro linked to a Google Drive account for the email address, which was once used by BadgerPundit in a tweet as his contact information. Chesebro also cited the BadgerPundit account in emails to a Trump campaign official and attorney John Eastman on January 5, 2021, pointing to tweets from BadgerPundit arguing that Pence had the authority to pick the electors on January 6.”

Chesebro’s BadgerPundit account on X still exists, but has been “protected” so only those he has granted access to can read his posts. ”

TheBadger14 is also identified by Chesebro in his bio on X as a blog. NCRM found that site has been active since at least 2011, but posts from the past few years are also hidden from public view. Its “About” page suggests it is a venue for Chesebro to discuss “mocking, through exaggeration for comic effect, relatively routine instances of progressives behaving badly.”

Read the entire CNN article here.

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