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Trump Loses Another Round in Court: Judge in Fraud Case Orders Ex-Pres to Hand Over Docs, Law Firm Communications



A New York state Supreme Court judge has ordered Donald Trump, the disgraced former U.S. president, to hand over to New York State attorney general Letitia James even more documents than he had ordered last month.

The New York Times reports Friday night Judge Arthur Engoron “increased pressure on former President Donald J. Trump’s family business and several associates, ordering them to give state investigators documents in a civil inquiry into whether the company misstated assets to get bank loans and tax benefits.”

Judge Engoron also ordered Trump to hand over to Attorney General James communications with a law firm the Trump Organization had hired, denying attorney-client privilege claims.

The Times details several alleged tax evasion scams Trump might have been using, and points to its own “analysis of Mr. Trump’s financial records by The New York Times [that] found that he had avoided federal income tax on almost all of the forgiven debt.”

Trump has until February 4 to comply.

This is a breaking news and developing story. 

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‘You’re Saying We’re All Liars’: Rand Paul Melts Down on ABC When He’s Confronted With Election Lies



Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) became annoyed with an ABC host on Sunday over the suggestion that former President Donald Trump’s defenders are all “liars” about the results of the 2020 election.

“This election was not stolen,” ABC host Georgia Stephanopoulos began his interview with Paul by noting. “Do you accept that fact?”

Paul, however, refused to respond with a straight answer.

“The debate over whether or not there’s fraud should occur,” Paul opined. “But, yes, were there people who voted twice? Were there dead people, illegal aliens who voted? Yes. And we should get to the bottom of it.”

“I have to stop you there,” Stephanopoulos said. “No election is perfect. But there were 86 challenges, they were filed by President Trump and his allies in court. All dismissed.”

Paul tried to interrupt but the ABC host continued.

“There were counts and recounts,” Stephanopoulos continued. “The Department of Justice, led by William Barr, said there’s no widespread evidence of fraud. Can’t you just say the words: This election was not stolen?”

“What I would suggest is if we want greater confidence in our elections — and 75% of Republicans agree with me — is that we do need to look at election integrity and we do need to see if we can restore confidence in the elections,” Paul remarked.

“Well, 75% of Republicans agree with you because they were fed a big lie by President Trump and his supporters who say the election was stolen,” Stephanopoulos pressed. “Why can’t you say it was a fair election?”

“I think you make a mistake,” Paul interrupted. “Hey, George! Georgie, where you make a mistake is that people coming from the liberal side like you, you immediate say everything’s a lie instead of saying there are two sides to everything. Historically what would happen is if I said I thought there was fraud, you would introduce someone else who said there wasn’t. But now you insert yourself in the middle and say that the absolute fact is that everything I’m saying is a lie.”

“I said what the president said was he said was a lie!” Stephanopoulos pushed back. “Hold on a second! He said the election was stolen. This election was not stolen. The results were certified in every single state after counts and recounts!”

“You’re saying there was not fraud and it’s all been investigated,” Paul complained. “And that’s just not true.”

“That’s not what I said, sir,” the ABC host asserted. “I said the Department of Justice found no evidence.”

“You said it’s all a lie!” Paul shouted.

“Let me finish my point,” Stephanopoulos implored.

“You say we are all liars!” Paul insisted. “You’re just simply saying we’re all liars.”

“I said it was a lie that the election was stolen,” Stephanopoulos affirmed.

Watch the entire interview below from ABC.

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‘Grifting Liar’: Trump Campaign Surrogate Matt Schlapp Gets Nevada Smackdown Over ‘Massive Amounts of Fraud’ Lie



One of President Donald Trump’s top supporters pushing conspiracy theories about the 2020 presidential election received a brutal fact check on Monday.

Matt Schlapp, the chair of the American Conservative Union, has been alleging election fraud in Nevada.

On Monday, he reportedly sent out a fundraising appeal based on claiming his organization had “uncovered massive amounts of fraud” in Nevada.

Veteran Nevada reporter Jon Ralston, the editor of The Nevada Independent offered a brutal fact check.

“I’m in Nevada, too, Matt, and you are a grifting liar. You have not uncovered ‘massive amounts of fraud.’ Those numbers you are passing on to suckers to extract $35 from them are phony. A NV judge destroyed all your claims, leaving you only with a failed con,” Ralston reported.


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Giuliani Snaps When He’s Asked Why DOJ Isn’t Pursuing Voter Fraud: ‘I Don’t Know and I Can’t Worry About That’



Rudy Giuliani, an attorney for President Donald Trump, seemed stunned on Sunday after he was asked why the Department of Justice is not pursuing the campaign’s claims of widespread voter fraud.

After Giuliani made multiple claims of voter fraud on Fox News, host Maria Bartiromo wondered why federal law enforcement had not launched an investigation.

“Where is the DOJ?” she asked. “Where is Bill Barr on this? If this was systemic and you’ve got all of this evidence, where is the DOJ?”

Giuliani appeared to be taken aback by the question.

“Uh, uh,” he said, struggling for a response. “The answer to that is I don’t know and I can’t worry about it.”

The president’s attorney then changed the subject to complain about a dispute over election monitors in Pennsylvania.

“Will the president concede anytime soon?” Bartiromo wondered.

“At this point it would be wrong for him to concede,” Giuliani replied. “There is strong evidence that this was an election — at least three or four states and possibly ten — it was stolen.”

Watch the video below from Fox News.


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