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Devastating Poll Destroys Trump on Syria and Proves Even GOP Voters Will Turn Against Him When Republicans Speak Out



A just-released USA Today/IPSOS poll may be a turning point for the Trump presidency – and could show Republican Senators they can vote to convict Trump, remove him from office, and keep their jobs.

More than half of Americans (54%) said President Trump’s withdrawing U.S. troops from northern Syria “is damaging the U.S.’ reputation as a trusted ally.”

That 54% includes 72% of Democrats, 50% of Independents, and 44% of Republicans. Just 36% of Republicans disagreed.

A whopping three out of four Americans who are familiar with the news of Trump withdrawing the troops said the U.S. has “an obligation to protect the Kurds, who fought alongside U.S. forces in Iraq and Syria.” Even among those not familiar with the news, 61% agreed.

Trump’s rash withdrawal of U.S. troops received wide condemnation, even among top Republicans who have blindly supported this president. It may prove to be one of the singular decisions most damaging to his presidency.

But condemnation by Republican lawmakers is critical in shaping opinions of GOP voters, as this poll suggests.

“The decision to pull troops from Syria was harshly criticized by Democrats as well as some Republicans, including Trump ally Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C),” The Hill notes.

And given the grotesque corruption, law-breaking, self-dealing, and sheer destruction the Trump administration has engaged in, it’s time Republican lawmakers step up or quit.


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One Month Ago Today Trump Said US Coronavirus Cases Would Soon Be ‘Close to Zero’ – We Just Beat China for the Most Cases



It was exactly one month ago today, February 26, that President Donald Trump proclaimed the number of coronavirus cases in the U.S. would soon drop from 15 to almost none. Today, the U.S. beat China (and Italy, and every other country) for number of coronavirus cases.

Back in February, taking the opportunity to pat himself on the back, Trump told reporters that “when you have 15 people, and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero, that’s a pretty good job we’ve done.”

The number of cases did not drop, in fact, they rose. Exponentially.

Perhaps ironically, the United States today reached that new, horrific milestone, exactly one month after President Trump’s prognostication of “close to zero” cases “within a couple of days.”

The stunning news just broke.

“There were 82,404 confirmed cases throughout the country, which is 622 more than China, where the outbreak began,” ABC News reports. “The total number of deaths from the virus in the country was 1,178.”

China is a nation of more than 1.4 billion people. The U.S. has just under 330 million.

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GOP’s Coronavirus Bill Offers Billions in Gov’t. Loans – But Bans Nonprofits Likely Catering to Low-Income People



Senate Democrats and Republicans are locked in a battle over the latest coronavirus economic rescue package, but what each party is fighting for reveals what is at the center of their universes.

Democrats are focused on getting money into the hands of the poor and those displaced by “stay at home,” “shelter in place,” and other work stoppages vital to helping halt the pandemic.

Republicans are focused on bailouts and secret slush funds for their corporate BFFs.

Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner, now an NBC News and MSNBC legal analyst, makes clear what the GOP’s motivation is – and goes so far as to call it “graft.”

And now we learn the GOP is once again waging war against the poor during a time that their lives are hardest hit. And they’re serving two of their masters by using their coronavirus package to wage a culture war as well.

The Washington Post’s Greg Sargent writes there’s a “hidden” provision “in the massive stimulus bill, which was drafted by Senate Republicans.”

The GOP bill offers $350 billion in small business loans to businesses if they don’t lay off their workers.

But there’s a catch.

Those loans exclude “nonprofits receiving Medicaid expenditures.” In other words, organizations like Planned Parenthood.

If that weren’t bad enough (it is – Planned Parenthood is vital now more than ever) it goes further than that, as Sargent reveals.

“Democratic aides believe this language would exclude from eligibility for this funding a big range of other nonprofits that get Medicaid funding, such as home and community-based disability providers; community-based nursing homes, mental health providers and health centers; group homes for the disabled; and even rape crisis centers.”

The legislation, if passed as is, could harm tens of millions of people, according to Mara Youdelman, the managing attorney of the National Health Law Program’s D.C. office.

“We should be doing everything possible to keep them in businesses, both to help manage the pandemic and to keep people needing routine care healthy and out of overwhelmed hospitals,” Youdelman told Sargent.

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‘When Is the National Day of Science?’: Trump Blasted After Spreading Lies Then Declaring ‘Today Is a National Day of Prayer’



President Donald Trump’s Twitter feed is a more accurate reflection of his positions and beliefs than his White House press briefings. Since the very beginning of the coronavirus crisis the President has made clear he doesn’t believe it is a crisis, has worked to minimize the amount of testing that can be done, and worked to spread falsehoods and outright lies in an attempt to make Americans believe the pandemic is not a massive health emergency. It is.

So perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising that Sunday morning Trump kicked off the day with a lie. He retweeted this absolutely false claim by his re-election campaign’s national press secretary. No legitimate health expert would oppose testing as many people as possible to help slow the spread of coronavirus, if there were enough tests. But the Trump administration made sure there aren’t.

But McEnay’s tweet isn’t just bluster, it’s a lie.

There are not one million or four million coronavirus tests available, that can be processed. There are tests that don’t work, there are tests the CDC created, sent out, then directed the medical community to not use because they are invalid. Bottom line: The U.S. has reportedly performed less than 20,000 tests as of Saturday.

Trump’s next tweet showed what he actually cares about:

Then he shared this lie. Student loan interest is not being waived, as The New York Times reports. Student loans still have to be paid, and even the amount due isn’t changing. The only difference is the amount of the payment will now, temporarily, be applied to the principal – the amount borrowed – and not to pay off interest accrued. One caveat:

“When borrowers pause their monthly payments because of a hardship — a status known as forbearance — the interest normally continues to pile up until they can start paying again,” the Times notes. “Now, no interest will accrue as long as the waiver is in effect. This is true both for people already in forbearance and for those who may be soon.”

Trump posted several tweets praising Trump, then this one showing the right wing war against Hillary Clinton is thriving:

And then, finally, this atrocity:

Given the coronavirus crisis, the intentional mishandling of the pandemic by President Trump, his administration’s daily inept actions making the disaster even worse, and Trump’s politicization of, well, everything, many were furious when he spewed lies, threw partisan grenades, then tried to hide behind a shield of religion – one that he himself constructed.


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