Trump Flunkies Get Trapped in Their Own Spin as President Faces One of His Most Brutal Days Yet: Conservative

The more information comes out in the Mueller probe, the worse things look for President Donald Trump and his embattled administration.

On Monday, conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin noted that the past Sunday was one of the more brutal endured by the President.

“The full impact of Robert S. Mueller III’s report is beginning to register with both Democrats and President Trump’s apologists,” Rubin wrote.

“If the Sunday shows were any guide, it’s going to be tough sledding for Trump’s spin squad.”

She points out that Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway opted to lie about the report. “When guests behave as Conway did, it is best for the host to explicitly state the guest is not answering the question and/or is lying,” Rubin concluded.

Giuliani appeared on Fox News, claiming that Trump was exonerated on obstruction. Rubin points out that Fox News host Chris Wallace did what journalists are supposed to do — call out lies.

(‘But, Mayor, that’s not true. The Mueller report makes a clear, especially on the issue of … obstruction … that he’s leaving it to Congress,’)

“The administration is trapped in its own spin,” Rubin concludes.

“Having claimed vindication by the report, Trump and his flunkies now must deny what is in it, avoid answering questions for which there is no good answer and/or deny that getting help from a hostile power betrays our country,” she continues.

“That might get the administration through a news cycle or two, but at some point a significant majority of Americans may conclude Trump is a menace to our Constitution — to our sovereignty — and must be ejected before he can do more harm.”

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