House Democrats Will Subpoena ‘Full and Complete’ Mueller Report Wednesday if Barr Ignores Deadline

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) is keeping his promise of a hard and firm April 2 deadline for Attorney General William Barr to release the full Mueller report to Congress.

"Nadler’s committee is seeking to obtain the 'full and complete report,' which spans nearly 400 pages, as well as underlying evidence," The Washington Post reports Monday morning.

In a statement Monday, the powerful Democrat announced his committee will vote Wednesday to issue a subpoena to the Attorney General if the Tuesday deadline passes without the report being delivered. Barr has said he will deliver a redacted version, with an increasing number of categories of redactions he will perform, sometime by mid-April.

“As I have made clear, Congress requires the full and complete Special Counsel report, without redactions, as well as access to the underlying evidence,” Nadler's statement says. “The full and complete report must be released to Congress without delay.”

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