Trump Boasts Less Than Half the Country Supports Him

President Donald Trump, just a few hours before he will deliver the State of the Union address, took to Twitter to boast that less than half the country supports him.

The President tweeted a screenshot of the Drudge Report, a right wing website that aggregates news stories.

The headline: "Trump Approval 48%."

The 48% number comes from the Republican polling firm Rasmussen.

Meanwhile, the highly-respected Gallup poll puts Trump's approval at 37%.

By comparison, President Barack Obama was at 50% at this point in his presidency.

President George W. Bush, who was engaged in the Iraq War, was at 60% approval.

President Bill Clinton was at 49%.

President George H.W. Bush had just skyrocketed to an 83% approval rating at this point in his presidency.

President Ronald Reagan's approval rating at this point was at 35%.

And President Jimmy Carter was at 40%.



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