Nixon-Era Figures Agree on the Possibility of Impeachment for President Trump

Carl Bernstein and John Dean

Voices from the Nixon era took to cable news shows to offer their perspective on President Trump, with both suggesting that impeachment is the only way to go forward.

Carl Bernstein, appeared with CNN's Brian Stelter, saying that the findings are impeachment worthy, but takes it further.

"It certainly looks like the kind of offenses that would call for impeachment hearings into the conduct of the President of the United States," Bernstein said. "There's something much more important than just impeachment going on, and that is the fact that Donald Trump, for the first time in his life, is cornered."

"He is boxed in by Mueller and the people around him know that he is," Bernstein added.

Carl Bernstein, as a reporter with the Washington Post, teamed up with bob Woodward in 1972. Their work helped break the Watergate scandal and the eventual resignation of President Nixon.

On "Erin Burnett OutFront" on CNN this Friday, President Nixon's White House lawyer, John Dean, says that the House of Representatives have "little choice" but to seek the impeachment of President Trump in the wake of court filings on Friday regarding former Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen.

"I think what this totality of today’s filings show that the House is going to have little choice, the way this is going, other than to start impeachment proceedings," said Dean.

Dean was White House Counsel for United States President Richard Nixon, and ended up as a key witness for the prosecution after pleading guilty to felony in his work to protect the president.

Watch Carl Bernstein's discussion below:

Images via screen capture from video source.

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