‘Turn Back Now’: Trump Makes Brazenly Political Speech From the White House to Gin Up ‘Caravan’ Fear

Delivering a lengthy, highly-scripted, highly-political, and highly-ad-libbed anti-immigrant and anti-immigration speech from the White House, President Trump late Thursday afternoon blamed immigrants for illegal drug abuse that leads to death of U.S. citizens while falsely claiming Democrats will allow caravan migrants entering the country to vote.

"They should turn back now," President Trump said, urging members of the so-called "caravan" of migrants traveling from Central America, marching by foot toward the U.S. Southern Border.

Trump falsely claimed the "Democrat party" is planning to give free health care to migrants crossing the border illegally, saying it will cost the nation "billions."

Trump announced his administration is drafting a plan to end "abuse" of the asylum system, while claiming both that everyone is abusing it, and that there are some legitimate asylum seekers. The goal of the plan, if it exists, is to stop granting asylum to migrants from Central America.

He also claimed asylum-seeking migrants are given a sentence to read that the do not understand to convince authorities to allow them into the county.

"These migrants are not legitimate asylum seekers," Trump added, insisted that migrants have been offered jobs by the government of Mexico.

The president railed against what he called, "Democrat-backed laws and judicial rulings," as the reason there is an immigration problem.

He also falsely claimed that immigrants who are released into the community never show up for their immigration hearings once caught and released.

Speaking of the caravan travelers, Trump told reporters that "some people call it an invasion." He used the word "invasion" repeatedly. The President is the one who started calling the caravan an "invasion."

He also told immigrants to "get out!"

Trump warned that the caravans are growing, and "you have new ones that are forming."

"You call it caravan number two, very hard for the military to stop. And our military will have no problem," stopping them, he said, flip-flopping back and forth.

The President also falsely claimed, "The United States pays them a fortune," referring to Central American nations, which received a paltry few hundred million dollars at most, some far less.

The president also took time to attack Georgia Democratic nominee for governor as "not qualified." He recently attacked Florida Democratic nominee for governor Andrew Gillum as a "thief." Both are Black.



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