Pipe Bomb Terror Suspect Tweeted 240 Threats to Prominent Liberals – Twitter Did Nothing to Stop Him

"Your Time is coming."

"Your days are over."

"Hug your loved ones real close everytime U leave your home."

Those are just some of the more than 240 threats pipe bomb and alleged terror suspect Cesar Sayoc sent to his targets, at least 50 prominent Democrats, liberals, and media outlets, via Twitter, according to CNN.

Twitter, which was notified only twice, did nothing to stop him.

"Sometimes he attached photos to his threats, including pictures of decapitated goats, photos of the homes and families of those he was threatening and a tarot card of a skeleton on horseback over the caption 'death.' He frequently suggested that the people he was tweeting at would vanish in the Everglades, not far from where he lived in Florida," CNN's "KFile" team, headed by Andrew Kaczynski, reports. "Sayoc would repeatedly tweet about the subjects of his threats often sending the same threat a dozen times in a row."

Some of the threats included photos of his targets' homes, with their street address printed across the images.

"In May he tweeted pictures of [George] Soros' home and with the address typed over the photo nine times in a row. The following month he posted pictures of Rep. Maxine Waters' home and wrote, 'See you soon.' Both were eventually mailed suspicious packages allegedly tied to Sayoc."

In September Sayoc "tweeted a photo at Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren of her home along with photos of her family. 'A Promise we will see you real soon. Hug loved one everytime you leave your home,' Sayoc tweeted. He proceeded to tweet six more threats at Warren."

Sayoc "would repeatedly tweet about the subjects of his threats often sending the same threat a dozen times in a row," CNN notes, adding that one target, Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg was "sent at least four threats."

But for all the time he spent on social media, Sayoc apparently didn't learn much.

"More flipped garbage bye liberal left media everyone of their building needs to be eliminated torched," he tweeted at The Onion, a site well-known as satirical.

Many Twitter users, according to CNN, have come to accept that the company just will not do anything to appropriately moderate the platform, so they don't even bother trying to report threats.

"CNN anchor Don Lemon and CNN contributor Ana Navarro both said that Twitter is so bad with dealing with reports of threats made against them, that they rarely report it."

Fore their part, Twitter tells CNN, "violent threats, targeted abuse, and hateful conduct are against our rules. This type of content does not enable or empower speech and has no place on our service."

And while that sounds like the social media platform means business, in reality not only did it refuse to permanently shut down conspiracy theorist Alex Jones' account, but reportedly when company operatives finally moved to do so, they were overruled by CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey, who had previously defended Jones.

Dorsey this summer told NBC News' Lester Holt that when Jones posted a tweet calling on people to to "criminally" use "battle rifles," he put Jones in a "time out." Ultimately, after Twitter users started a boycott, the company suspended him for a week, before finally permanently banning the conspiracy theorist and purveyor of hate.

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