‘This Incident Did Happen’: Woman Says She Knew Kavanaugh and ‘Many of Us Heard About It in School’

One of the now nearly 600 alumnae from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's high school who have signed on to a letter supporting her has come forward to say Brett Kavanaugh did sexually assault Christine Blasey in high school.

In postings to Facebook and Twitter, which she says she has since deleted because the media is contacting her and she is unsure of how to move forward, Christina King writes that at the time, "many of us heard about it in school and Christine's recollection should be more than enough for us to truly, deeply know the accusation is true."

King, who has also been identified as Christina King Miranda, says drinking in those days at these private Catholic prep schools was "out of control."

"The drinking ensconced in the puritanism of that elite, privileged, mostly white, Catholic Washington society was completely out of control."

Below is a screenshot of King's Facebook remarks, posted by Atlanta Journal-Constitution journalist Jay Bookman:

And here is what is believed to be King's tweet she says she has since deleted, and her explanation as to why:

NCRM has not been able to independently verify King's claims.

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