Watch: Attorney General Jeff Sessions Joins High Schoolers in ‘Lock Her Up’ Chant – and Laughs

The nation's top law enforcement officer on Tuesday repeated chants of "lock her up" as he delivered a speech to conservative high school students. "Lock her up" was a regular rallying cry referring to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential campaign, chanted by Trump supporters and Donald Trump himself.

"Lock her up," Attorney General Jeff Sessions said, embracing the students' chant. And rather than discouraging it, he laughed.

"I heard that a long time at the last campaign," he added, as if re-living cherished moments.

"When Attorney General Jeff Sessions criticized 'snowflakes,' a crowd of listening high school students chanted, 'Lock her up!' Sessions laughed and repeated their call," The Washington Post reports.

Sessions was addressing high school students at the far right wing Turning Point USA High School Leadership Summit, according to CNN. The four-day event is being hosted at George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

The very idea of the Attorney General, the head of the Dept. of Justice, encouraging and even laughing at cries to lock up a private citizen who has not only never been charged but has been investigated and deemed to have committed no crime is the very essence of fascism.


This article has been updated to include the venue and hosting organization.

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