WATCH: McKinnon’s ‘Laura Ingraham’ Details New Advertisers on SNL

Laura Ingraham returned to her show on Monday as advertisers continued to flee Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle,” and “Saturday Night Live” was quick to weigh in on the embattled host’s controversy.

Emmy-winning and fan favorite cast member Kate McKinnon, who’s transformed herself into Robert Mueller, Jeff Sessions, Hillary Clinton and just about everyone else, portrayed Ingraham on the show’s “Weekend Update.”

“This week, Red Lobster, Blue Apron and Slim Fast joined the advertiser boycott against Fox News host Laura Ingraham,” segment co-host Colin Jost began, “after she mocked Parkland survivor David Hogg for getting rejected from four colleges. She’s back on our show after a forced hiatus – here to comment is Laura Ingraham.”

“Thanks for having me,” McKinnon deadpanned. “It’s so good to be back after that planned vacation. It was so fun and so planned, and so scheduled a long time ago.”

“The important thing is I’m back,” she continued. “And I’m not gonna cave to bullying from the ‘tolerant left.’ I don’t care if I lost a couple sponsors.”

“Well, so far you’ve lost 27,” Jost responded.

McKinnon proceeded to share her excitement about her show’s “new sponsors,” beginning with “Carl’s Sr.... leftover Carl’s Jr. food ground to mush for old people,” and “Your Pillow… from the makers of MyPillow. Send us your pillow, we need more pillows.”

The full list of "advertisers" -- including "Cream Soda" -- can be viewed below:



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