‘Straight Heterosexual Pride’ Pin Removed from Amazon

U.K.-based 1000Flags Ltd. has removed its “Straight Heterosexual Pride Wavy Gold Plated Flag Pin Badge” from its website and Amazon following public outcry and mockery.

“Amazon shoppers recently discovered they could buy a ‘Straight Heterosexual Pride Wavy Gold Plated Flag Pin Badge’ on the website, courtesy of the seller 1000 Flags, for the price of £4.50 or $8,” Newsweek reported Friday, “and the reactions spanned from mockery to disgust.”

Twitter users captured the item prior to the item’s deletion, sharing their frustration:

The seller, which describes itself as a “leading supplier of polyester flags” that “posts flags anywhere in the World both to individuals and companies,” defended itself in an emailed statement to Newsweek.

"We were asked for a pink triangle badge numerous times by our LGBT customers and they continue to purchase these alongside our extensive range of LGBT Pin Badges," Mark Horler, one of the company’s directors, wrote.

"In no way were either badge produced as an anti-LGBT item and we take offence with that suggestion,” he continued. “These are not hate symbols. Our extensive range of LGBT flags, Pin Badges and Embroidered patches has helped spread LGBT pride across the world.”

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