Trump Refuses to Release Democratic Memo


Claims 'Unable' to Declassify Democrats' Memo

Unlike the Nunes memo President Trump declassified and allowed to be released to the public, the Democratic memo refuting the Intelligence Committee chair's fraudulent attempts to delegitimize the Russia investigation will not be released to the public.

The White House Counsel, Don McGahn has written the House Intelligence Committee that "he won't release Democratic memo because of 'numerous properly classified...sensitive passages,'" NBC News' Andrea Mitchell announced via Twitter, adding that McGahn has ordered the "DOJ to help committee if it wants to revise memo to mitigate risks."

Buzzfeed's Chris Geidner posts the letter:

President Donald Trump appears to be using the White House counsel as a buffer. One week ago last Tuesday just after delivering the State of the Union address Trump was caught on a hot mic telling a GOP lawmaker he would be releasing the Nunes memo, "100%," meaning definitely. He had not read it at that point and it had not been vetted by the White House.

After the release of the Nunes memo the White House promised the Democratic memo would receive the exact same treatment and go through the exact same decision-making process, which does not appear to have happened.

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