Watch: Anthony Scaramucci Announces Sarah Huckabee Sanders as New White House Press Secretary


Trump Praises Spicer's 'Great Television Ratings'

New White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci during his first appearance as a member of the Trump administration announced Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the new White House Press Secretary, replacing Sean Spicer, who resigned Friday morning.

Huckabee Sanders read a short statement from President Donald Trump, who praised Spicer's "great television ratings," something Trump was reportedly furious about.

Scaramucci repeatedly told reporters, "I love the president."

He also praised Sean Spicer, saying, "Sean is a true American patriot. He's a military serviceman... I applaud his efforts here and I love the guy." He added, "I hope he goes on to make a tremendous amount of money."

Spicer also posted a tweet:

Scaramucci refused to commit to daily televised press briefings:

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