McCrory Asks Lawmakers to Move $500,000 From NC Emergency Disaster Fund to His Office to Defend HB2


Ignoring Constitutional Experts, Federal Judges, and Federal Government, Gov. McCrory Hunkers Down to Defend Unconstitutional Law

Governor Pat McCrory has requested lawmakers move $500,000 from North Carolina's Emergency Response and Disaster Relief Fund to the governor's office to be used to defend HB2, his sweeping anti-LGBT law that constitutional experts, federal courts, and the federal government have indicated is illegal and unconstitutional. 

"The governor asked for it," Senate Budget Chairman Harry Brown said, WRAL reported, adding that Brown said lawmakers do not know how much defending HB2 will cost the state.

North Carolina ranks fourth in the number of hurricanes the state gets. Hurricane Floyd (photo) caused nearly $7 billion in damage and took at least 57 lives. 

Lawmakers in both chambers will need to approve the budget change, which is only one part of a larger "technical corrections" budget bill.

McCrory is suing the federal government over HB2 and the feds are suing him back.

Republicans in the NC House have reportedly been working on a bill they think would allay concerns the NBA has over HB2. Those "fixes" essentially mandate transgender people undergo expensive medical procedures they may not want in order to obtain a new state-issued card allowing them o use public restroooms of their gender.

On Thursday the NBA slapped down that proposal.


Image via Wikimedia

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