‘Go F*cking Cook My Burrito, B*tch’: Trump Supporter Screams Down Trump Protestor (Video)


Welcome to the New Face of Donald Trump Supporters

Outside a Donald Trump rally in Phoenix, Arizona, last week, Trump protestors behind police barricades were confronted by several Trump supporters, including one shirtless man who screamed at one protestor in particular, "Go fucking cook my burrito, bitch!" It's unclear from the video what, if anything, led up to the direct confrontation, or why the Trump supporter seemed to be focused on one man, who appears he might be of Hispanic descent.

"Get the fuck out of here! Our country, motherfucker, our country!," the Trump supporter screams, almost uncontrollably. "Proud fucking American! Made in USA bitch, made in fucking USA!," he yells.

"Go fucking make my tortilla, motherfucker!" he continues to scream. He and his companions are holding and waving, almost as weapons, Trump signs.

"And build that fucking wall, for me!" he adds.

"Trump! I love Trump!"

"Fuck you. I love my country," he says.

The unnamed Trump supporter then offers to perform other acts.

The video was shot and sent to Gawker by photographer Eric Rosenwald.

Gawker notes under the arm of the Trump supporter is "a tattoo of the number 43, commonly received by members of the white supremacist hate group Supreme White Alliance."

It's no secret that among Trump's most vocal supporters are white supremacists, who believe Trump will actually enact the policies he say he will, which are designed to divert power back to white males.

The original video Gawker posted is below - caution, this may be hard to watch. It certainly should be, it's disgusting.

Images: Screenshots via Eric Rosenwald/YouTube

This article was updated on 10.25.18 to remove reference to a since-deleted Facebook video.

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