Caitlyn Jenner Breaks Twitter, Hits One Million Followers Faster Than President Obama


Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, was introduced to the world today and broke records on Twitter. Congratulations!

Caitlyn Jenner has done what no one in history has done before: attract more Twitter followers than even President Barack Obama's @POTUS account, launched just two weeks ago. 

Jenner, who debuted on the cover of Vanity Fair early this afternoon, took just four hours to hit one million followers, according to TIME magazine. Her cover photograph was taken by the iconic Annie Leibovitz.

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"Since the cover was revealed, more than 1.5 million tweets have been sent about Jenner, including messages of praise from her family, other celebrities and general admirers."

Above, you can see moment by moment how many tweets about Caitlyn were sent each minute, according to Twitter.

Jenner's Twitter account is @Caitlyn_Jenner. 


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