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Senator Who Says Gays Have No Right To Be Served Now Fear-Mongering With Bryan Fischer



Anti-gay lawmaker Joseph Silk is milking his 15 minutes of fame by hanging out with one of America’s most notorious anti-gay activists.

Joseph Silk has found the secret to getting his fifteen minutes of fame: fear-monger about the LGBT community.

The anti-gay Republican State Senator from Oklahoma, who, yes, claims to have gay friends, is pushing two anti-gay bills, and a few fear-mongering falsehoods about gay people to boot. 

Silk’s latest anti-gay legislation is a broad, sweeping state-sanctioned license to discriminate that allows anyone for to refuse service to anyone else by merely claiming their personal interpretation of their chosen religion makes it mandatory for them to do so.

Silk, who works for his father’s luxury vacation business, pointed to his own personal belief that even he does not have the right to be served in every single store, so gay people shouldn’t feel they do either. He claims he is “protecting freedom.”

Claiming that gay people “are a threat to our freedoms and liberties,” Silk published an ugly rant on his campaign website defending his anti-gay comments.

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“The problem with the current LGBT movement is they have zero tolerance or consideration of other peoples rights,” Silk now insists, adding that gay people “are launching a massive campaign that is attempting to strip other peoples individual liberties away if they hold different beliefs,” and labeling that “complete intolerance.”

Needless to say, Silk’s value as an anti-gay commodity has gone through the roof, attracting the attention of anti-gay hate groups like the American Family Association.

AFA’s Bryan Fischer invited Silk onto his radio show today, where the Oklahoma Republican sprouted lies about the LGBT community – unchallenged by Fischer, of course.

“I tell people this all the time,” Silk told Fischer, “the LGBT activists do not want people to have freedom. They do not want people to be able to exercise their religious convictions. They don’t at all and people really don’t understand that.”

Gay people, Sen. Silk claimed, “want their behavior condoned and they want their behavior accepted, and the church doesn’t understand it’s coming to the church.”

He then wholly forgot about the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

“If we continue to lose this, very, very soon the church will not have the right, according to the government, to preach that homosexuality is wrong. That’s where this road is going.”

Of course, Silk is just plain wrong, but it gets him on the evening news.



Image via Facebook
Hat tip and video: Right Wing Watch

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