Pat Robertson Advises 76 Year Old To ‘Stick With’ His Decision To Let God Be His Only Doctor


Televangelist Pat Robertson says even though some people think doctors are God, only God is.

Octogenarian Pat Robertson responded to a 76-year old man who asked God “to be my physician” by saying he should stay away from doctors in order to keep his promise to God. There's nothing wrong with doctors, Robertson said, even though "some people ... think that doctors are god and they really aren’t." 

"You’ve asked God to be your physician so stick with it and say ‘Lord, I’m asking you for it.’”

“You’ve made a commitment to the Lord, stick with it, don’t let your family influence you, do what you feel like doing,” he said. “Live your life, God bless you.” 


Image: Screenshot via 700 Club
Video and hat tip: Right Wing Watch