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  • WATCH: These Fifth Graders Have a Message for the GOP Presidential Candidates

    'Shouldn't Our President Really Be Setting Good Examples for the People?'

    A group of fifth-graders was asked to talk about the current state of the Presidential election campaigns, and they have a message for the Republican candidates.

    "With all of the talk of bullying in the 2016 presidential campaign," the AP reports, "we asked a group of fifth graders on Arlington, Virginia what it means to be a bully."

    "Donald Trump," was one girl's simple yet effective response.

    Ava Henning, 10, says she thinks Trump is "just trying to be mean to some people."

    Reagan Baird, 11, mimicked Trump: "I'm going to sue you, you're a liar, you should watch your back."

    Colin Baird, 11, says he thinks "a bully is somebody who is deliberately trying to hurt somebody in some way, or make them feel bad." And he says, "bullying is when one person's doing it." Then, shaking his head, he adds, "and they're all really doing it to each other."

    Reagan agrees.

    "Yeah, they're trying to be mean to them and trying to make them feel bad and trying to tear them down."

    Oliver Andress, 10, knows that "they're all just trying to get into the White House. They will play dirty. They'll do a lot of things because they want to be one of the most powerful people in the world."

    But Reagan also sees another side.

    "The Democrats, they don't fight," Reagan says. "All they want to do is talk about politics – which I think the Republicans should actually do." She says she doesn't "want to hear about stuff that's about other people, and about what they do that's wrong."

    "If kids are seeing that on TV," Colin Baird laments, some could think, "'Oh, well they're doing it, maybe I can.' It's really not something anybody should be doing to anybody else."

    He adds, "I think they're setting bad examples and I mean, shouldn't our President really be setting good examples for the people, not calling each other 'liars' and that type of stuff?"

    Reagan says that some people are commenting, "'Come on guys, you're adults, you're not children.'" Putting her hand over her eyes, she says, "I mean, it's crazy."



    Image and video via Associated Press


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