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  • Watch: Congressional Democrats Display 'Hands Up, Don't Shoot' On House Floor

    Four Congressional Democrats, all members of the Congressional Black Caucus, on Monday gave a "hands up, don't shoot" display on the House floor.

    Democratic U.S. Congressmen and Congresswomen took to the House floor Monday, and during speeches raised their hands and exclaimed, "hands up, don't shoot." The gestures – physical and emotional – were all in support of Michael Brown, the 18-year old killed by now-former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. The Congressional Black Caucus spoke for an hour on the House floor, talking about being Black in America, and how the issues in Ferguson reflect a larger problem across the nation.

    While many members of the CBC spoke eloquently on the floor, New York Reps. Yvette Clarke and Hakeem Jeffries, and Texas Reps. Al Green and Sheila Jackson Lee all raised their hands during their speeches and said, "hands up, don't shoot."

    "'Hands up, don't shoot' is a rallying cry of people all across America who are fed up with police violence in … communities all across America,” Rep. Hakeem Jeffries of New York told his colleagues. 

    “I saw this clip where the Rams players came into the arena: ‘Hands up; don't shoot’ … this has become the new symbol, a new statement,” Rep. Al Green of Texas said. "I want to make sure that those who participated on the Rams team, that their names are chronicled in history... I want Kenny Britt to be recognized, Tavon Austin to be recognized, Stedman Bailey to be recognized, Jared Cook, Chris Givens, and Tre Mason."

    Here's a short clip from Rep. Al Green:

    And one from Rep. Jeffries:


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    • commented 2014-12-04 01:07:59 -0500
      Mike Edwards, I had no idea you were once a black youth whose father wasn’t around. Your keen insight could help me, a college educated brotha, tell other minority youths about the CBC and how their actions on this faithful day meant absolutely nothing to the next generation of young African American Forensic Law students. I can’t say that I’m surprised by your words, just saddened by your level of ignorance.

    • commented 2014-12-02 18:04:25 -0500
      This is nothing more than grandstanding or complete stupidity. I have to believe that those in congress are smart enough to understand the facts.released in the Ferguson case. The real problem isn’t that police are targeting black youth. It is that black (African American, or whatever term won’t offend you) fathers, in large, do not stick around and raise their children. Yes, many do. But, many, many more do not. The result of this action is that these kids grow up to not fear or respect anyone or anything. I mean, come on… try and take a police officer’s gun, really? Who in their right mind would even think of that? Do something that stupid, you deserve to die. Hello Darwin Award 2014!

    • commented 2014-12-02 15:57:13 -0500
      Are they going to do anything other than this symbolic gesture? It would be nice to see the problem of police abuse and apparent inability to employ non-lethal force addressed by the federal government as it is a national crisis not something that only happens in Ferguson.

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