Latest: Trump Denies Including Haiti Among ‘Shithole Countries’


'I Have a Wonderful Relationship With Haitians' Trump Insists

President Donald Trump is in the middle of one of the worst self-inflicted crises of his presidency. By calling Haiti and African nations "shithole countries" the president has enraged not only Americans, but people around the world. 

Fifteen hours after the news of his racist remarks broke, Trump denied he used the term "shithole countries," but admitted he used "tough" language. The Washington Post, NBC News, CNN, and The Associated Press all independently verified he did make those remarks. Trump reportedly also said of Haitians in America, "take them out."

Now, Trump is trying to walk back his remarks even more. He says he didn't include Haiti among the "shithole countries."

No Republican who was in the room has denied any reporting on the meeting.


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