GOP Congressman To Town Hall Participants: “You Don’t Know How To Listen”


“You know what? I know why you’re so frustrated: You don’t know how to listen," Pete Sessions says 

Texas Republican Congressman Pete Sessions on Saturday told rowdy participants at a town hall that they're only "frustrated" because "they don't know how to listen."

Thousands of people attended Sessions' town hall near Dallas, frequently drowning out his remarks with boos and chants. 

Using a PowerPoint presentation, Sessions attempted to explain the GOP's plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, but was repeatedly interrupted. 

“You know what? I know why you’re so frustrated: You don’t know how to listen,” Sessions told the crowd, as shown in the videos above. 

“We are going to make the changes, we are going to pass the bill and we are going to repeal Obamacare,” Sessions said later, prompting a sustained chant of “Vote him out!" 

Democrat Hillary Clinton won Sessions' Dallas-area district in November, and Democrats are gearing up to try to unseat him next year. 

Sessions also defended Trump's refusal to release his tax returns, and expressed confidence that Congress will adequately investigate Russian interference in the presidential election, according to the Texas Tribune. 

More video from the town hall below.