Atheists Campaign Against Noah’s Ark Theme Park: ‘Celebrating Genocide and Incest Is Immoral!’


Ken Ham's Ark Encounter Museum Labeled 'Immoral and Highly Inappropriate as Family Entertainment'

Atheists in Kentucky are drawing attention to Young Earth creationist and Christian evangelical fundamentalist Ken Ham's soon-to-open museum and theme park based on the biblical story of Noah's Ark. Tri-State Freethinkers are raising money to start a billboard campaign reminding potential Ark Encounter attendees that "the park celebrates a biblical parable of genocide and incest."

The group notes that while Ken Ham and his supporters "have a legal right to celebrate their mythology, we find it immoral and highly inappropriate as family entertainment." They also are reminding possible patrons and Kentucky taxpayers that Ken Ham's ministry is "receiving state tax incentives while maintaining their discriminatory hiring practices."

Ham, president of Answers in Genesis (AiG), has been criticized for hiring practices at his current Creation Museum, which makes applicants promise to follow his orthodox Christian beliefs, including opposing same-sex marriage and believing all answers exist in the Bible.

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"Help us remind the surrounding community and potential patrons that the biblical story of Noah’s Ark is immoral and should not be encouraged as a family fun day," they ask on their Indiegogo fundraising page.

"They are portraying the story of Noah's Ark as an actual historical event," the atheist group says, calling it "scientifically not possible." 

"Genocide is not a reason to celebrate. Incest is not a reason to profit. When this amusement park opens to entertain children and celebrate genocide and incest, we want to spread awareness by placing our billboards in as many locations as possible."

"Counter the Ark Encounter and send the message that celebrating genocide and incest is immoral!," the Tri-State Freethinkers urge.

The group, listing goal points, says if they raise $2000 they will post a small billboard for a month. If they reach their $10,000 goal they will post "one interstate billboard or 10 state route billboards for a month and a party celebrating science and reason," and if they get all the way to $150,000,000, "we will build our very own Genocide & Incest Park and ask for state tax incentives." They promise they will not discriminate in their hiring.


Image: Tri-State Freethinkers/Indiegogo
Hat tip: Arturo Garcia/Raw Story



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