Donald Trump: 6 Million People Over The Age Of 112 Are On Social Security


Seriously, is Donald Trump just testing the level of stupid his supporters have?

Donald Trump just finished talking to supporters in Des Moines, Iowa, and based on tweets from reporters, he seems to be just pulling things out of his hat. Anyone with an average IQ should hear what he's saying and think, "Huh? No, that can't be possible," or "Um, I really don't think so," and yet, they're eating it up.

Donald Trump is a showman, but at some point, when you're lied to, repeatedly, you should think, "I can't trust this person, because if they're going to lie about this, what else will they lie about?"

Wouldn't you?

Like, six million people over the age of 112 are getting Social Security benefits?

And... proof he's so very wrong:

In truth according to the Washington Post, an audit found 6.5 million active Social Security numbers. Number of people over 112 actually getting Social Security benefits? Between zero and 13.

There's also this, but really, his supporters will believe anything at this point: 

Of course, already his supporters are defending the stupid claim, they way they always do, by changing what he actually said to fit the facts they find:



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Image by iprimages via Flickr and a CC license