Ted Cruz: Christians Can’t Be Democrats Because Of ‘Liberal Fascism’ Of Gay Marriage Supporters


Ted Cruz in Iowa lies to Tea Party Republicans about "religious freedom" laws as he attacks Democrats over their religious beliefs.

This weekend Ted Cruz delivered what has been characterized as "one of his most passionate defenses of 'religious liberty,'" ever. Speaking at the Iowa Faith and Freedom Summit, Cruz attacked Democrats, all same-sex marriage supporters, and all "religious freedom" law opponents in an attempt to zero-in on his base and distance himself from what likely will be two dozen other Republicans racing to the White House.

"Today’s Democratic Party has become so radicalized to mandatory gay marriage in all 50 states that there is no longer any room for religious liberty," Cruz claimed. "There is no longer any room for defending what is the very first liberty protected in the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights in our Constitution."

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"There is a liberal fascism that is dedicated to going after believing Christians who follow the biblical tenets on marriage," Cruz told supporters. He also insisted that "there is no room for Christians in today's Democratic Party" because of "intolerance," but claimed it is "so extreme, it is waking people up."

And Cruz lied to the crowd, stating "the laws that Indiana and Arkansas passed were substantively identical to the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act." Cruz, not only an attorney, but a former Texas Solicitor General, cannot possibly claim that to be a true statement.

And he lied again, saying, "we saw in Indiana a Christian owner of a pizza parlor who was driven out of business because of religious faith."

Cruz also told the crowd that between now and Tuesday when the Supreme Court hears oral arguments on four same-sex marriage cases, they and all Christians are called to "fall on our knees in prayer."






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This article has been updated to correctly reflect Cruz's position as Solicitor General, not Attorney General. 

Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr and a CC license