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Updated: GOP-Led House Votes To Sue President Obama Over Policy They Support

The Republican-led House of Representatives has just voted to sue President Barack Obama over executive orders related to Obamacare -- a law they wholly oppose, but mandate delays they support. Read more

Michele Bachmann: Ebola Infected Migrant Kids Invading US – Obama Will Experiment On Them

Tea Party Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is sharing a few of her beliefs about the children coming across the southern border of the US. Read more

Tea Party Congressman: Real 'War On Women' Is Migrant Children Coming To US To Rape Women

U.S. Tea Party Congressman Louie Gohmert says the real "War on Women" are the migrant children coming across the U.S. border to rape women. Read more

Hillary Hall Thwarted By Colorado Supreme Court - But Not Without Our Thanks

The Colorado Supreme Court has ordered Boulder County Clerk Hillary Hall to stop issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. This is our cue to say thank you. Read more

Former Facebook Pres. Billionaire Sean Parker Making Huge Donations To Anti-Gay Republicans

Did you watch the 2010 movie "The Social Network"? Remember the character Justin Timberlake played? That's Sean Parker, who was Facebook's first President. Parker, the infamous Napster creator and a multi-billionaire, surprised many over the last few months by providing financial aid to the campaigns of Republicans such as Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran. The problem? Every single Republican he has supported is rabidly anti-gay, and some of them aren't as bipartisan as Parker would like to believe.  Read more

Watch: This Same-Sex Marriage Ad Featuring A Couple Together 50 Years Airs Today In Ohio

Starting today, Why Marriage Matters Ohio is airing this beautiful ad promoting same-sex marriage in the Buckeye State. Read more
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Anti-Gay Activist Launches Low-Budget Facebook Alternative: ReaganBook

One of America's most virulently anti-gay activists just launched ReaganBook, the "Facebook for Patriots," so all her anti-gay friends can post messages of hate without getting the boot. Read more

Anti-Gay Indicted Former Virginia GOP Gov. Bob McDonnell's Marriage Was A Sham

Anti-gay, anti-women, religious extremist, GOP former Governor Bob McDonnell was indicted on corruption charges after leaving office this year. In his federal trial this week, it's revealed his marriage was a sham and his wife was engaged in an "inappropriate relationship." Read more

Surge in Anti-Semitic Violence as Israel-Gaza Conflict Continues

As the Israeli-Gaza conflict drags on with little sign of abating, protests have been held in major cities throughout the world. While most were peaceful, albeit tense, events, shocking incidents of anti-Semitism have also been reported.  Read more

LGBT Group Publishes Names Of 50,000 People Who Signed Anti-Gay Petition

A Houston LGBT Rights group has just published the names and addresses of everyone who signed the petition demanding HERO, the city's new anti-discrimination law, be put up for a vote in November.  Read more

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