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Glenn Beck Was Trying To Take Over CNN Sister Network HLN

Glenn Beck is having yet another tantrum. This time it's over a potential Comcast-Time Warner merger. His comments come interestingly enough after his news network tried and failed to acquire Time Warner television station HLN.   Read more

Lawyer Faces 'Severe' Actions After Sending Company-Wide Email Calling AIDS The 'Gay Plague'

It’s never a good idea to send out offensive mass emails to everyone in your company. A Virginia law firm says it has taken “immediate and severe” action against a lawyer who railed against same-sex marriage and called AIDS the “gay plague.” Read more

Sir Elton John Rescues Ukrainian Boy He Once Wanted To Adopt

If it is true that no man stands so tall as when he stoops to help a child, then today, Sir Elton stands ten feet tall. Read more

On Our Radar - Hatred, Denial, And The 'Gay But'

"I don't hate gay people, but..." What's on the other side of that "gay but" is On Our Radar. Read more

Michael Sam Reacts To Being Cut By St. Louis Rams

On Twitter, Michael Sam reacted to being cut this afternoon by the St. Louis Rams. Read more

UPDATED: Reactions To St. Louis Rams Cutting Michael Sam

Michael Sam made it almost to the end -- but this afternoon the St. Louis Rams cut him from the team. Some reactions from social media. Read more
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Study Reveals Why Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage In Georgia Would Boost Economy – By Millions

A new study by the Williams Institute finds that legalizing same-sex marriage in Georgia would add tens of millions of dollars to the state and local economy. Read more

'I Am Not Your Brother' Says White Cop to Black Man Before Tazing Him

Cell-phone video by musician Christopher Lollie captured a scene in which he was detained, tazed and arrested by St. Paul police last January. When walking to pick up his kids from day care, Lollie sat briefly in a business lounge along St. Paul's pedestrian skyway where First National Bank building security guards reported him to police for trespassing. Read more

Dr. Drew Show: Viral Coming Out To Homophobic Parents Video 'Saved Someone's Life' Yesterday

Last night on HLN's "Dr. Drew" show, one panelist says he showed the viral video of a Georgia 20-year old coming out to his homophobic, religious parents, and it saved a life of an LGBT youth. Read more

National Guard Troops Sent To Border By Rick Perry Forced To Use Local Food Banks

As Governor Rick Perry is busy campaigning, around 50 of the National Guard troops he sent to the border are using a local food bank because they haven't been paid in weeks. Read more

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