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Toilet-Trolling Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Admits He Doesn't Know A Transgender Person

Tells All Schools to Ignore Obama Administration Guidelines on Protecting Transgender Children's Civil Rights Read more

After GOP Lawmakers Defunded Their Pride Center, These LGBT Students Decided to Run it Themselves

Tennessee Legislature Eliminated University's Office of Diversity in Response to Article Advocating Gender-Neutral Pronouns Read more

Governor Jerry Brown Endorses Hillary Clinton Ahead of California Democratic Primary

Offers Strong Praise for Senator Sanders as Well Read more
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UPDATED: Trump Finally Explains How Much He Raised for Veterans

Campaign Denied Candidate's $6 Million Claim Read more

Hackers Hit Road Construction Signs: 'Donald Trump Is a Shape-Shifting Lizard!!' (Video)

Dallas Activists Deliver Post-Memorial Day Messages Read more

Head of Christian Group Warns Same-Sex Marriage Just Like 'Unthinkable' Atrocities of Nazi Germany

Australian Christian Lobby Leader Also Lashes Out at Anti-Bullying Programs in Schools  Read more
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Trump Thought 250,000 People Would Come to DC to Hear Him Speak, Just Like Martin Luther King Jr

VIDEO: Claims 600,000 Tried to Attend but Were Blocked – Only 5000 Showed Read more

Wanted: News Writers

Award-Winning Progressive News and Opinion Site Announces Call for Socially Conscious Freelance News Writers Read more

On Memorial Day Religious Right Radio Host Calls 'Every Government Job a Drain on the Economy'

Instead of honoring our nation's fallen, Bryan Fischer says all government jobs, which includes our military forces as well, are "a drain" on America. Read more

Watch: President Obama Honors Fallen Soldiers on Memorial Day by Speaking About Liberty and Equality

The President Delivered Remarks at Arlington National Cemetery Read more

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