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Pat Robertson Fibs About Ferguson Cop, Says Michael Brown 'Acted Like Someone Crazy' On PCP

As if they were true, Pat Robertson repeats many of the right-wing stories about Ferguson and Michael Brown that have been proven false. Read more

Anti-Gay RNC Committeewoman: Child Migrants 'Highly-Trained As Warriors' May 'Rise Up Against Us' (Video)

Michele Bachmann's former Iowa Chairperson who is a stringently anti-gay RNC Committeewoman says that child migrants from Central America are being trained as child warriors to rise up against America. Read more

Texas Gun Owners Seethe Over Go Topless Day

On Sunday, the women of San Antonio plan to join the "Go Topless" movement that has Texas gun owners up in to speak.  Read more

Westboro Baptist Church Announces It Will Protest Michael Brown's Funeral In Ferguson

Citing Missouri's openly-gay NFL player Michael Sam, the Westboro Baptist Church has just announced it will travel to Ferguson to picket the funeral of Michael Brown on Monday. Read more

US Judge Rules Florida Gay Marriage Ban Unconstitutional In 38th Federal Level Win

A U.S. judge today struck down Florida's ban on same-sex marriage, marking the 38th win at the federal level since June 2013 for marriage equality supporters. Read more

Missouri Councilman Excuses His Racism As Being 'A Very Active Republican'

Poplar Bluff, Missouri Councilman Peter Tinsley was called out for his racist images of President Obama this week, by his fellow council members. Read more
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Luxembourg's Gay Prime Minister Is Engaged!

His hunky partner has proposed and Luxembourg's dashing prime minister has said yes!  Read more

Lock The Doors And Bar The Windows - It's ARMAGAYDDON!

An Irish Pro-equality group, LGBT Noise, has made this horror movie parody to make light of those who think gay equality will be the the end of civilization and we know it.  Read more

Missouri Paper Under Fire For Publishing Racist Cartoon About Ferguson Demonstrators

One of Missouri's top two newspapers is being criticized for publishing a blatantly racist editorial cartoon about the demonstrators in Ferguson, where a police officer shot and killed an unarmed 18-year old. Read more

Russian Authorities Forced To Allow A Same-Sex Wedding

Two blushing brides were legally married in Russia this month, even though same-sex marriage was made illegal in the country in 2012.  Read more

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