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Pope Francis: Catholic Church and Christians 'Must Ask Forgiveness' and 'Apologize' to Gay People

Also, the Poor, Women, and Children Read more

Watch: NYC Pride Dedicated to Orlando Terror Victims

New Gays Against Guns Group Featuring Pride Flag Creator Gilbert Baker Marched  Read more

Watch: Hillary Clinton Is Marching in the NYC Pride Parade

Presumptive Democratic Nominee Makes Unannounced Appearance Read more
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O'Malley: 'Donald Trump Is an Unstable Charlatan' (Video)

Martin O'Malley Is Back, and He's Taking on Trump and His Surrogates Read more

No, Honey, Conservatives Are Not Better for LGBTQ Folks Than Progressives

Conservatives believe they're the best option for LGBTQ people post Orlando. No, honey. Just no. Read more

Here Are 53 Photos That Show Just How Amazing #LondonPride Is

40,000 People Showed Up For #LondonPride! Read more
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Watch: At London Pride a Police Officer Proposes, Melts the World's Heart

Marching Police Stop in Formation to Let Their Fellow Officer Propose Marriage Read more

25 LGBT-Themed Children’s Books to Celebrate Pride Month

As LGBT Pride month winds down, here are 25 LGBT-themed children’s books to continue the celebration of our diverse families. Read more

National Organization for Marriage's 'March for Marriage' in DC Is a Total Dud

'Suppose They Gave a War and Nobody Came?' Read more

Franklin Graham Hails Brexit Because, the Anti-Christ

When You're a Hammer, Everything Looks Like a Nail Read more

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